New euro-locks for the disabled


Other railway stations in the Central Bohemia region have been equipped with euro-locks for the disabled

Prague, 28th January 2010 – 11 railway stations in Central Bohemia have been lately included in the project Euro-key which allows disabled citizens to access sanitary facilities and utilization of staircase platforms by means of a universal key. This so-called Euro-key can be used on approximately 100 thousand spots across Europe.

The first euro-key was installed in the Czech Republic in a railway station in the Central Bohemia region two years ago. Thanks to the cooperation with the National Council for disabled people, the Central Bohemia Region and the Czech Railways there are another 11 railway stations of the Central Bohemia Region where disabled people can make use of lifts, staircase platforms and sanitary facilities with the help of the Euro-key. In most cases, they have to be protected with locks against frequent displays of vandalism. The advantage of this system consists in using the above-mentioned facilities without the assistance of a railway station employee.

The Railway Infrastructure Administration successfully implements barrier-free access on the railway network of the Czech Republic. SŽDC investments lead to radical changes of railway stations and train stops. There are new, safe and barrier-free platforms with a standard height of the platform edge 550 mm over the top of rail. Such platforms allow comfortable entry and exit and immobile passengers can easily drive into the wagon. The access to the platforms is generally provided through underpasses with lifts or access platforms, or escalators in bigger stations. Naturally, there are adequate gradients of new underpasses and platform access which meet parameters of a comfortable and safe access.

Other features of the barrier-free access include state-of-the-art information systems. Recently, the Railway Infrastructure Administration has had information panels and station announcement systems installed, or in case of long-distance controlled lines a loud-speaker installation from traffic controller’s post. The announcement systems are supplemented with audio beacons to facilitate orientation of visually-impaired citizens. Due to these modifications SŽDC enhances the attractiveness of railway transport, both in terms of comfort and safety of passengers and of the barrier-free travelling.

The promotion of the barrier-free railway in the Czech Republic is also contributed to by carriers who tend to focus on the barrier-free aspect when purchasing new vehicles, which consists in a low-floor access, a designated room for wheelchair invalids as well as in purpose-adjusted toilets. Contemporary barrier-free vehicles are more and more deployed both on regional lines, suburban traffic and the domestic express-train connections.

Railway stations offering the possibility to use the so-called Euro-keys: Kladno, Senohraby, Kolín, Poděbrady, Dobřichovice, Lysá nad Labem, Příbram, Vlašim, Zruč nad Sázavou, Čerčany, Benešov u Prahy.

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