Educational film on the level crossing safety


SŽDC presented a new educational film on the level crossing safety

Ostrava, 18/01/2010 – Representatives of the Railway Infrastructure Administration, s. o. presented a new project called Drivers lapsing on level crossings in Ostrava today. Besides SŽDC, the project was also promoted by the representatives of the Ministry of Transport, the Police Headquarters and other transport authorities. This film focuses primarily on the education of future drivers at driving schools but it may also address general public. The film is available for free download on this web.

In the Czech Republic the Railway Infrastructure Administration registers the total of 8280 level crossings as of 31st December 2009. 4 624 (ca 56%) of them is protected by warning crosses. However, the experience shows that traffic rules tend to be violated, which often leads to tragic consequences on level crossings protected by the so-called higher level of protection, such as warning lights, or those equipped with gates. One of SZDC's priorities is to enhance safety on level crossings and the public education leading to a responsible behaviour of drivers on level crossings is essential in this field in terms of safety. Therefore the Railway Infrastructure Administration decided to make an educational film above the limit of its annual investments in the modernization of the level crossings.

The film may be used particularly as educational material for driving schools supplementing current multimedia device to teach traffic rules. In the film the viewer becomes acquainted with all forms of level crossing protection in the Czech Republic, starting with warning crosses protection through the oldest mechanical signalling equipment to the latest electronic installations. At the same time, it mentions correct procedures on a level crossing in compliance with the Traffic Law as well as instructions what to do in emergency situations, e.g. when a car gets stuck between the put-down gates.

Since this film focuses on just one specific issue, it could highlight all the particulars. Yet, the core of the film aims to present appropriate behaviour of drivers which could motivate future drivers. The film will be available for free download on this web. This website will also allow a direct presentation of the film without the need of downloading.

According to the representative of the Professional Association of Driving Schools ČR this tool represents a great asset to intensify and variegate a lesson at driving schools. The Professional Association of Driving Schools will try to promote this film for its use at driving schools across the republic. The project presentation was also attended by Col. Ing. Leoš Tržil - Director of Traffic Police - who also praised activities of SŽDC as the rail operator and appreciated the efforts to eliminate irresponsible behaviour of some road users on level crossings.

  2007 2008 2009
Collisions No. 257 214 209
People killed 31 42 33
People injured 117 113 82

Collisions on level crossings managed by SŽDC

Since 2004, approximately CZK 150 MM. has been guaranteed (SFTI) and annually invested (SZDC) in the reconstruction and modernization of level crossing safety installations. Other reconstructions of the level crossing safety installations are implemented within the investment in the main corridor constructions.

On all level crossings there are periodic checks of the technical state of the level crossing structure, clear sight conditions and of the conditions of the safety installation. When necessary, extra checks are arranged.

The Czech Republic has become through SŽDC a member of the international organization ILCAT which aims to enhance safety on level crossings. The international prevention campaign has been planned for 22nd June 2010.

Statistical data:

  • No. of level crossings total (as of 31.12.2009) 8 280 (ČR)
  • No. of level crossings in the region: 646 (MSK) 8%

Classification according to the class of public roads (MSK):

  • level crossings on primary state highways: 24
  • level crossings on secondary state highways: 31
  • level crossings on C roads: 63
  • level crossings on local roads: 161
  • level crossings on service roads: 367

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