Deploying GSM-R technology on II Railway Transit Corridor completed with the assistance of EU funds


Otrokovice, 30/03/2011 – The next stage of the GSM-R implementation on the railway section Břeclav-Přerov-Petrovice u Karviné was festively completed. It is the second Czech corridor which is fully covered with an all-European mobile standard GSM-R providing enhanced safety on key railway lines. In the Czech Republic, the GSM-R system has already been deployed on I National Railway Corridor from the state border near Děčín, via Prague and Brno as far as Břeclav and further on to the Austrian and Slovak frontier.



The investor is the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) and the cost of the project implementation is covered 85 % by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Transport. „Spreading GSM-R technology to other corridors helps to enhance safety as well as the competitiveness of our domestic railway infrastructure. Carriers will thus find it sufficient to have just one digital communication unit on the corridors, according to the European specification EIRENE,“ explained Pavel Habarta, SŽDC´s Executive Director, at a seminar on the digitization of the national railway corridors . The general contractor of the whole construction and the guarantor of the technological section was the company Kapsch and the outsourcing was also provided by other significant firms such as AŽD Praha,
ČD-Telematika, Teplotechna Ostrava or SUDOP Brno. „In the course of the implementation we respected the requirements of the Transport minister and together with SŽDC we managed to reduce the cost by almost 10 %,“ noted Karel Feix, Director General of Kapsch Ltd. – a member of the international holding which is a world leader in GSM-R technologies being implemented for instance in France, Germany, Austria, England, Spain or Italy. Mr. Feix also mentioned that GSM-R deployment was also being launched for the Polish Rail.

About GSM-R Břeclav-Přerov-Patrovice u Karviné

On 11.3.2009, the Railway Infrastructure Administration signed a contract on the GSM-R deployment on the railway section Břeclav - Přerov - Hranice na Moravě - Ostrava Svinov - Ostrava hl.n. - Petrovice – state border. Acceptance inspection successfully took place towards the end of March 2011. It is the II National Railway Corridor providing railway transit between Austria, Slovakia and Poland. The terms of the construction respected European regulations marked as FIDIC, in line with the so-called Yellow Paper „System-Do your own Design and Build“. Along to the total length of 207 km, the construction comprises altogether 29 base stations BTS. In order to cover hard-accessible areas, 3 repeaters were installed. From the safety perspective, this up-to-date technology has been deployed in 23 new technological buildings equipped with the system for intelligent maintenance marked as GSM-R Smart House. For the very first time in the environment of the Czech railway, it was managed to use photovoltaic panels with batteries as the single source of electric power. This alternative way to provide power through solar radiation enables all-year nonstop operation of the GSM-R repeater without limitation thanks to an optimal control.

In order to develop applications necessary for contemporary control of the railway operation, it was necessary to develop and to deploy a radio system which can transfer necessary data and voice information between solid railway infrastructure and mobile train units. This GSM-R system was applied for this specific use. The connection between a train unit and the operation control has a number of specific demands, such as priority call, safe data channel, transfer of control and safety data etc. It is a communication system between the train and the land operation control, the main objective of which is not only the communication itself but its 100% reliability. This concerns the safety and therefore the communication must not be lost or interrupted. „Promotion of the originally just European mobile communication system for rail traffic management even outside Europe demonstrates its real power and use value. Africa, Asia and Australia are continents where the GSM-R system has already been utilized in the railway operation or is being installed at the moment. Even though this system puts emphasis on maximum safety and reliability, his standardization and wide-spread application allows fast reduction of costs to terminals,“ said Karel Feix, Kapsch´s General Director.

Other upcoming projects:

Construction „GSM-R, junction Ostrava - state border SR and Přerov – Č. Třebová“
Anticipated implementation: 2011 – 2012

Construction „GSM-R, Děčín – Všetaty – Kolín “
Anticipated implementation: 2011 – 2012

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