Radio system GSM-R between Ostrava – state border with Slovakia and Přerov – Č. Třebová launched


Ostrava, 17 June 2013 – An expert seminar today officially completed another phase of implementation of GSM-R on the route Ostrava – Opava, Dětmarovice – state border with Slovakia and the connection between the two main corridors Přerov – Česká Třebová. These are the sections that complement the existing rail network already covered with the pan-European digital radio standard GSM-R. In the Czech Republic, the GSM-R completely covers 1st and 2nd National Railway Corridor.



GSM-R is a system that improves safety of key railway lines, therefore its implementation is supported by the European Union. The construction under the Operational Programme Transport for 2007–2013 is financed by the Cohesion Fund of the European Union and the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. EU co-financing rate can reach up to 85% of eligible construction costs. The maximum EU contribution may amount up to CZK 434,454,165. National funding is provided by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure.

"GSM-R network allows rail carriers to communicate via a single GSM-R vehicle radio station across the whole Europe. The implementation of GSM-R is a prerequisite for the future deployment of the European Train Control System ETCS L2, the launch of which will significantly increase safety, while at the same time allowing full interoperability of operation of vehicles equipped with this system," said Petr Šlegr, SŽDC Deputy Director General for railway modernization at the workshop on digitization of national rail corridors. "By introducing the European GSM-R standard, the state improves competitiveness of domestic carriers and domestic rail infrastructure. GSM-R is considered one of the most successful projects – starting as a European standard, it gradually became a worldwide one," said Ing. Karel Feix, CEO of Kapsch, part of the international holding company that is the world leader in GSM-R which has deployed this technology in countries such as France, Germany, Slovakia, Austria, England, Poland, Spain and Italy.

The construction concerns the building of the necessary transmission system, including the establishment of the necessary optical paths. In this framework, the system will also be equipped with new applications and the number of connected controller terminals will be expanded. GSM-R radio network expands the network of ground base stations and related system network elements – the control and connection network element including supervisory management. The construction will also include a connection module (BSC) in Přerov which will serve to connect the base transceiver stations (BTS) in Moravia and will also serve as a backup module (BSC).

Other completed projects:

  • Construction of GSM-R, Děčín – Všetaty – Kolín
    • Implementation: 01/2012–10/2013

Other projects under preparation:

  • Construction of GSM-R Kolín – Havlíčkův Brod – Křižanov – Brno
    • Implementation: 12/2013-11/2015
  • Construction of GSM-R node Praha (Beroun – Praha – Benešov)
    • Implementation: 01/2014-07/2015


Construction in numbers  
Start of construction 7/2011
End of construction 3/2013
Total length of track to be covered by GSM-R 230 km
Base transceiver stations BTS 39 pcs
Supplementing existing BTS 1 pcs
Base Station Controller BSC 1 pcs
Adding SDH transmission nodes 14 pcs
Antennas 80 pcs
Diagnostic optic cable 72 km
Transmission SDH nodes 39 pcs
Controller terminals 32 pcs



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