GSM-R installation continues as part of the Děčín – Všetaty – Kolín project


Ústí nad Labem, 26 June 2012 – The GSM-R project of Děčín – Všetaty – Kolín (GSM-R Trať Děčín Prostřední Žleb – Děčín East – Ústí n/L. Střekov – Mělník – Všetaty – Lysá n/L. – Kolín) festively commenced as part of an expert seminar. GSM-R is a system that enhances the safety of railway lines; it is a safe platform for voice and data communication among the operating staff.




The investor of this construction project is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization. The funds have been granted by the State Fund of Transport Infrastructure. Simultaneously, co-funding by the European Union has been applied for
as part of the Operational Programme Transport; the planned contribution from the Cohesion Fund totals CZK 297,980,250.
The application for EU subsidy was approved by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic in July 2011.

The GSM-R system covers the entire First Railway Transit Corridor from the German border (Děčín) as far as the Slovak border and the Austrian border (Břeclav). The total length of the line is 528 km. This construction project includes the GSM-R pilot project covering 210 km of lines and a switchboard set up in Prague together with a supervision centre. In the Second Railway Transit Corridor, 206 km of lines are covered from the Slovak border and the Austrian border (Břeclav) as far as the Polish border (Petrovice u Karviné). This construction was completed in 2010.

At present, the Second Railway Transit Corridor and the Opava – Slovak border (Mosty u Jablunkova) link are being completed. Following the completion of the construction project in 2013, another 236 km of railway lines will be covered. This construction project also includes the set-up of the second switchboard in Přerov, however, without a supervision centre as it is situated
in Prague.

Currently, there are GSM-R contracts for linking CZ with Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. A contract with Italy and another one with Slovakia for linking Slovakia with Austria are being prepared. These contracts are to be signed by the end of 2012.
In 2012, it is planned to link: Germany – the Netherlands, Austria – Slovakia, the Czech Republic – Slovakia. In 2013: Germany – Poland, the Czech Republic – Poland, Spain – Portugal, Great Britain – France.

GSM-R main benefits include the data and voice communication between trains and traffic control centres. To develop applications necessary for state-of-the-art railway traffic control, it was necessary to create and to implement a radio system to transmit needed data and voice information between the railway infrastructure and mobile train units.  It was for this specific use that
the GSM-R system had been applied. There are numerous specific requirements for the connection between the train unit and
the traffic control, like e.g. a priority call, a safe data channel, transmission of control and security data, etc. It is a communication system between the train and the ground traffic control, ensuring the communication as well as 100% reliability.


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