GSM-R implementation continues with the assistance of EU funds from Děčín via Všetaty to Kolín


Prague, 20th February 2012 – the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC), state organization concluded with Kapsch CarrierCom a contract for GSM-R implementation in the railway section Děčín Prostřední Žleb – Děčín východ – Ústí n/L. Střekov – Mělník – Všetaty – Lysá n/L. – Kolín. The line is part of the upcoming international freight corridor and the GSM-R implementation will guarantee the compatibility of the track communication with trains of foreign carriers, in other words a non-discriminatory approach.



The whole construction of the GSM-R system will be proceeding until end-June 2013 and 85 % is funded by the European Union. From the operational perspective, it is another significant step to integrate significant railway lines of the Czech Republic into the all-European communication system.

The construction terms follow European regulations called FIDIC, by the so-called Yellow Book – Design and Build System. On 172 km, the construction comprises altogether 22 new base stations BTS and 7 current base stations (BTS). From the safety perspective, all base stations have been set up in technological objects that are equipped with the intelligent maintenance system called GSM‑R Smart House.

The funds for this project have been granted by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. The main part is co-funded from the Cohesion Fund of the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport. The EU contribution may come to CZK 297,980,250, which represents 85 % of the eligible cost of the construction.



About GSM-R

In order to develop applications necessary for modern traffic control in rail transport, it was necessary to design and to implement a radio system to transfer required data and voice information between the fixed railway infrastructure and mobile train units. It is the GSM-R system that has been applied for this specific use. The communication between the train unit and the traffic control calls for a number of specific items, such as priority calls, safe data channel, transmission of controlling and signalling data etc. It is a communication system between the train and the ground traffic control that is characteristic not only for the communication itself but also for its 100% reliability. Safety is the main issue here and therefore there must be no communication loss or its interruption.Since 2005, Kapsch has been implementing the GSM-R project for SŽDC in the Czech Republicas it launched the pilot project GSM-R in the track section Děčín, state border – Ústí nad Labem – Prague – Kolín. Thanks to this successful pilot project, the Czech Republic as one of the first gained experience in terms of deployment and application of this technology. Other implemented projects include the completion of I National Railway Corridor for ca 330 km and the GSM-R implementation of Břeclav – Přerov – Petrovice u Karviné for 207 km. The in 2011 commenced GSM-R implementation of Ostrava – state border Slovakia and Přerov – Č. Třebová for 230 km, which commenced in 2011, is still under way.


Construction in figures  
Total length of the covered section 172 km
Total length of cable routes 13 km
Total length of cable-jetted sections 18 km
Newly built BTS 22
Current BTS 7
New masts 21
GSM-R Smart House objects 25
Transmission installations SDH STM4 32
Installations ITZ 10
Installations ITZ 37


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