SŽDC Signed Co-operation Agreement with Havířov City, Local Station Expects Fundamental Change


The railway station passenger building in Havířov expects comprehensive reconstruction. Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) will co-operate with the city on its new form. The Brussels styles structure will serve not only for passengerscheck-in but to sports and leisure activities or as a municipal policeduty room as well. Both parties sealed these plans today by signing a memorandum of co-operation on reconstruction of the building and the space of station forecourt as well.

SŽDC aims at coordination of planned reconstruction of the Havířov passenger building together with the city action by improving the facilities of the station forecourt. "We are pleased that city leaders are actively approaching the issue of using the space that is oversized substantially in terms of todays demands and it is difficult to find a meaningful use for them", Mr. Pavel Surý, SŽDC Director General was quoted as saying by adding at the same time: "We commissioned a preparation of project documents to reconstruct the entire railway station building including its left administrative section as well. We extended the original plans of České dráhy and we count on using this space for passengers and carriers. Placing technology to ensure operation is also of great importance for taking into account future reconstruction of the station part of the railway station. The main hall section in Brussels style will be preserved; we will rent it to the city.”    

The city wants to use inner space of the railway station hall as a sports and social center with a playground, squash courts, a climbing wall, a cafe bar, cultural facilities, clubs, cloakrooms, toilet rooms or municipal police′ duty room being located therein. Havířov commissioned a study on possible use of the hall. "We appreciate that we have an opportunity to open discussion with SŽDC leadership still in this project phase and by doing so to affect partially the reconstruction of the station building and adapt ourselves to the needs of future investors and other activities that will be implemented there. We intend to open discussion with both state-funded institutions and professional and non-professional public on appropriate use of this space within the city", Mr. Josef Bělica, Havířov′s Deputy Mayor for economy and asset management explained.

The project of passenger building reconstruction is processed by the company KOHL architects with its completion being set on 30 April. It is based on original documentation and it takes newly into account a city project of station forecourt space reconstruction. The aim is to launch the reconstruction still this year. SŽDC will comprehensively modernize the left administrative section of the structure. Of high significance will be the layout changes to reflect the carriers′ requirements and respond to passengers′ needs with railway operation technology facilities being repaired at the same time. Implementation of new connections, utility networks including repair of all inner distribution systems or central heating is a part of such a major overhaul. In case of the hall, SŽDC will focus on improvements aimed at future use of inner facilities by the city to include repair of the outer structure shell, connections, hook-ups and toilet rooms.

The modernization of station forecourt facilities amounting to around 150 million CZK will be commenced by Havířov City still this year. "About 180 parking lots are expected to be created newly. Covered stops and incoming lane corridors will also be part of new station forecourt facilities with a bike path being intended to be brought to the location as well," Mr. Bělica added.


The railway station building in Havířov was built in the years 1964 to 1969 in a so-called Brussels style according to the architect Josef Hrejsemnou’s design. The sculptor Václav Uruba, who was the author of Bearing sculpture in a brutalist style located in front of the hall entrance, also took part in the design. The Western wall of the entrance hall is covered by colour glass mosaic with an area of 65 square meters made by glass artist and painter Vladimír Kopecký.


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