Railway section Šlapanov – Havlíčkův Brod completed


Reconstruction of the track Šlapanov – Havlíčkův Brod completed

Havlíčkův Brod, 30/11/2009 – the railway section Šlapanov – Havlíčkův Brod on the line Jihlava – Havlíčkův Brod provides railway operation which is much safer and more comfortable now. The train stop Mírovka has a barrier-free access, a modern 150m-long platform and a new lighting system. The investor of the project is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization

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Ing. Josef Novobilský, Deputy Director General for Operability commented on this festive occasion: "The implementation of the construction has succeeded in achieving European standards of the railway infrastructure; enhanced safety of the railway transport and a comfortable way of travelling comply with contemporary trends. The most important and financially most challenging aspect was the replacement of the superstructure". The construction was divided into two stages. The first phase was implemented during a continuous track possession from 4th September 2008 till 2nd October 2008. The construction work on km 221,150 – 222,985 consisted in the rehabilitation of the substructure, the modification of drainage, culverts, safety and signalling equipment, contact line system and the relocation of cable routes.

The other phase – more challenging in terms of time limits and finances - on km 216,099 – 221,150, started on 15th February 2009 and the main part of the construction work ended on 9th May 2009. The other phase in the follow-up railway section focused on the reconstruction of the drainage, rehabilitation of the substructure, reconstruction of culverts and full replacement of the superstructure. In the train stop Mírovka there is a new 150m-long platform with a 550mm edge over the top of rail to allow an easier access and exit for the passengers. The train stop is also equipped with a new lighting system. The finalization work was performed during track possessions from 13th till 16th September 2009.

16 bridge structures underwent a repair procedure on the line and 4 culverts were completely rebuilt. Drainage from concrete prefab units with the total length of over 4 kilometres and other adjustments of existing ditches along the whole construction length. Another important part of the construction work related to the stabilisation of the substructure. Cable routes, the safety and signalling equipment and the contact line system were also modified and secured.

There is a new surface on two level crossings, specifically on the crossings on km 220,533 and km 221,106. After the rehabilitation of the superstructure a new rubber level crossing structure of the STRAIL type was installed.

The funds were provided by the State Fund of Transport Infrastructure. The total costs of the implementation are CZK 246 712 781.

The whole project was largely co-funded by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Transport. The maximum sum provided by the European Union is CZK 208 111 104, which represents 71,2% of the eligible cost. This construction is included in the list of the priority projects of the railway infrastructure within the Operational Programme Transport of the Ministry of Transport for the approval of the co-funding by the European Commission in the period of 2007 – 2013.

The contractor of the Reconstruction of the track Šlapanov – Havlíčkův Brod was the Association Šlapanov whose members are Viamont DSP a.s., Chládek and Tintěra Havlíčkův Brod, a.s. and GJW Praha, s.r.o. The general project developer of the construction was DMC Havlíčkův Brod, s.r.o.

Historical background

The line from Jihlava to the German Brod (Ford) of that time was put into operation in 1871. From the historical perspective it was a part of the then Austrian North-West Rail from Vienna via Znojmo, Jihlava, Kolín and Mělník to Děčín-Prostřední Žleb (Mittelgrund at that time), built as the shortest connecting line between Vienna and Berlin. On our territory the line was successively built in the period 1869 – start with the section Golčův Jeníkov – Kolín till 1874 when the train operation was launched on the last part of the section between Lysá nad Labem and Prostřední Žleb. Approximately one hundred years later the line was electrified, with DC from Děčín to Kutná Hora and with AC from Kutná Hora to Jihlava in the second half of the 60´s of the 20th Century. Between Znojmo and Jihlava it has not been electrified yet. With the new train traffic timetable 2009-2010 (as of 13th December 2009) the railway section from the border Šatova to Znojmo will be electrically operated.

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