The Railway Infrastructure Administration is repairing the line which has been damaged due to the derailment of a train set with historical vehicles


UPDATE - Prague, 3 August 2011 – the accident which occurred on 29.07.2011 near Jihlava induced by the derailment of a historical carriage and a steam locomotive caused immense damage to the track section Jihlava – Okříšky to such an extent that it had to be closed. The derailment induced considerable damage to the line and regular trains had to be replaced with alternate bus transport. A part of the track section has already been repaired; however, some tracks in the worst damaged sections still have to be attended to.

The train set, which also included a steam locomotive with historical carriages, was heading for a weekend event in Slavonice. The Railway Infrastructure Administration discovered the very first two traces of derailment in the section between the stations Okříšky and Bransouze. The carriage had always re-railed on a level crossing. The third derailment was recorded after the railway station Luka u Jihlavy. The carriage re-railed on a switch on the line and the final derailment occurred outside the railway station Jihlava.

The non-standard performance of the train set was noticed by an SŽDC´s employee – a track supervisor – between the stations Luka u Jihlavy – Jihlava - who promptly alerted the traffic control office in Jihlava with a request to stop the express trains before the line inspection was carried out.

The director of the Regional Infrastructure Administration Jihlava immediately ordered a special inspection. 16,000 fasteners, 1,000 clips and 2,000 clip bolts had to be replaced. The plates in the structures of the level crossings have also been damaged as well as check rails on the switch in the station Jihlava. The damage to the railway infrastructure in the section totals CZK 4.5 million.

The Railway Infrastructure Administration has already repaired the track section Jihlava – Bransouze. The track section between the stations Bransouze and Okříšky has been closed and the line is being repaired. The operation of this track section should be restored in the evening hours on 4.8.2011. It is planned to close the line in the daytime on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in order to finish the repair work.

The cause of this accident probably lies in a technical defect of a historical carriage; nevertheless the whole case is still being investigated.


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