Optimization of the line Prague-Bubeneč – Prague-Holešovice


The Railway Infrastructure Administration has launched a European project focusing on the optimization of the track section between Prague Bubeneč and Holešovice on a festive occasion. The contractor is the Association Bubeneč – Holešovice represented by Metrostav and Subterra. The construction project includes the planned modernization of the railway superstructure and the signalling installation as well as the construction of a fully new train stop including a pedestrian subway, repairs of dozens of switches or the installation of 1.5 km long noise barriers. The construction with investment costs totalling CZK 1.3 billion will be completed in 2015.



From the international perspective the optimized section Bubeneč – Holešovice is part of IV Multimodal Pan-European Corridor Berlin – Děčín – Prague – Brno – Břeclav – Vienna. In terms of the selected national rail network it is part of I Railway Transit Corridor. Last but not least, this section is part of Prague junction with main operational tasks to bring the target passenger transport to Prague main station and Prague Masarykovo station and the target freight transport to railway station Prague-Libeň or to lead the transit passenger and freight transport out of Prague central station.

The track section is 4,465 km long. At present, there are two railway stations in the section, Prague-Bubeneč and Prague-Holešovice, including branching-off point Stromovka where the double-track line changes its direction to Prague Masarykovo station. There are no train stops yet. This situation, however, should change during the implementation of this project since a completely new train stop Prague-Podbaba will be built, with two new 220m-long platforms. There will be a pedestrian subway separating them in the middle. After putting it into operation, the entry and exit of passengers in station Praha-Bubeneč will be abandoned. As part of the optimization of both stations, there will be partial re-alignment of their tracks, which will allow passing trains to go at higher speed. In areas of the route running through the built-up territory of Holešovice and Podbaba the residents will be protected by new noise-protection measures.

The construction is situated in city districts of Prague 6 and Prague 7 on cadastral territories of Bubeneč and Holešovice. In the track section of Prague-Bubeneč – Prague-Holešovice, a part of the route (ca 1.5 km) runs through nature preserves Pecka and Královská obora (Stromovka).

In the first two months of the project implementation, preparatory work was done on the first section of the construction in railway station Prague-Holešovice. It specifically involves setting-up the construction site, greenery cutting, setting-up the foundations and the installation of overhead line masts during day track possessions, cable relocation, installation of the sheeting of the ballast bed on bridges, the installation of temporary station interlocking equipment and the preparation for switching to a temporary state.

The traffic will be restricted to a certain extent during the construction. The absolute track possession of the first (odd) set of station tracks and both station ends will last from 2.3. till 7.6.2013. During the track possession, all the construction work concerning this section of the station will be carried out. The other absolute track possession involving remaining tracks, including a part of branching-off point Stromovka, will last from 15.6. till 20.9.2013 following the annual plan of track possessions.

Towards the end of 2013 construction work will continue in the track section in Stromovka and railway station Prague-Bubeneč during another follow-up absolute track possession. The whole project is to be completed in 2015.

This year, the application for co-funding this project by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Transport will be submitted.

Information about the project  
Railway superstructure  
new station track UIC 60 5,990 m
new open line track UIC 60 2,405 m
new station track S 49 2,060 m
new open line track S 49 175 m
new switches 27 x
Railway substructure  
new outside platforms of train stop Praha Podbaba (platform height 550 mm) 2x 200 m
modification of island platforms of railway station Praha Holešovice (platform height 550 mm) 346 m
            2x 400 m
rehabilitation measures 8 x
new structure 1 x
new underpass including platforms, staircase and canopy 1 x
bonding and blowing 2 x
Noise-protection measures  
noise-barrier 1,465 m
individual measures ca 58 x
Ground structures, demolition, canopy  
demolition of ground structures 205 m3
new station canopy (Prague Podbaba) 1,075 m2
platform canopy modification (shelters Prague Holešovice) 1,950 m
316 m2
Overhead contact line (length of electrified tracks)  
dismantling of the current overhead contact line 23,000 m
adjustment of the overhead contact line 23,000 m


Basic information  
construction project Optimization of the line Praha-Bubeneč – Praha-Holešovice
funding sources State Fund for Transport Infrastructure,
Operational Programme Transport, Cohesion Fund
developer IKP Consulting Engineers, s.r.o., Praha
contractor Association Bubeneč – Holešovice“
chief member Metrostav a.s., member Subterra a.s.
beneficiary Správa železniční dopravní cesty, státní organizace
total investment costs ca CZK 936,583,000
own investments without VAT CZK 738,064,475 (contractor´s bid price)



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