Reconstruction will improve parameters of the line Hranice na Moravě – Horní Lideč


Vsetín, 26 September 2013 – Improving parameters of the line Hranice na Moravě – Horní Lideč is the objective of the reconstruction that will be carried out this autumn by the Railway Infrastructure Administration. Works on one track between the Vsetín and Vlašská Polanka will result i.a. in a calmer train ride, enabled by building a continuous welded rail.



Builders will concentrate on a section more than one kilometre long near the Ústí u Vsetína community. After completing the reconstruction, line speed of 80 km/h will remain, however the proposed technical solution will enable its increase up to 85 – 95 km/h in the long term.

Several bridges will undergo reconstruction. In km 34.776 all bridge bearers and wall plates will be exchanged. The bridge steel bearing structure will be elevated in order to enable extraction and refurbishment of its saddle. The abutment’s bedding and lower part will be injected by a cement mixture. Cracked weld joints on the hand-rail balusters will be trued up and welded.

Bridge bearers and both wall plates will be exchanged also on the near bridge over the Senice stream. Steel constructions including bottom plates will acquire new coasting. A part of the lower construction sanitation will be cracks repair, masonry cleaning, deep pointing and injection of the abutment.

The unsatisfactory state of the contact line will require a complete exchange. Builders will also carry out shifts and repairs of communication equipment cables. Safety equipment will remain with an exchange of two signals.

The construction has been submitted for co-financing from the EU Cohesion Fund by the intermediary of the Operational Programme Transport for the programme period 2007–2013. Financing from national resources will be assured by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure.


Construction Designation Reconstruction of Track No 1 in km 34.120–35.300 of the line Vsetín – Horní Lideč
Construction Investor Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization
General Designer SUDOP Brno, spol. s.r.o.
Supplier Association Vsetín – Lideč (leading participant: Subterra a.s., association member: Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s.)
Start and end of construction km 34.120–35.300
Speed 80 km/h (max. 95 km/h)
Track length 1,210 metres
New signals 2 pcs
Term of beginning 09/2013
Term of ending 11/2013
Total construction costs 92.483,000 CZK
Own investments (VAT excluded) 37.278,221 CZK
(tendered price of Supplier)



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