Railway Infrastructure Administration uniting station announcements as of 9 December 2012


Prague, 6 December – with the release of the new timetable, a new directive of the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) will come into force, specifying the requirement for providing passengers with train information in railway stations and train stops. The reason for this is the need to define a uniform standard when delivering information service to passengers and carriers as well as to those interested in using the railway infrastructure facility to present some commercial information.

Another reason for making changes in the system offering passengers information is the effort to reduce the length and the number of the present announcements since there seems to be insufficient information capacity of the current system in locations with higher traffic density. This new way of delivering information should reduce the noise level in railway stations and in neighbouring areas.

By means of the station announcement system, passengers will now receive information of essential importance only, while the other information of less significance will be left out.

SŽDC decided to carry out these changes after making an agreement with the carriers, intending to follow the example of rail operators in other European countries in terms of the scope of information provided by the station announcement system. A similar decision was taken in 2007 by the Prague Airport that even more radically reduced the scope of information delivery by means of the airport announcement system as part of the all-European initiative for quiet airport terminals.

All the important information will still be delivered

SŽDC´s main objective is to deliver passenger train-related information and to point out traffic-related differences in the information presented in the timetable. That is why, as of 9 December 2012 the station announcement system will offer train composition information and any additional information only if requested by carriers for a specific link in a specific station.

Passengers, however, do not need to worry that the new station announcement system would deliver worse information service. The reduction will apply to e.g. the list of intermediate stations and train stops in the train path, reporting only a few branch-off stations, junction stations and other important stations.

Since the modification of operation-related applications is time-consuming, the transition to the new announcement system will proceed gradually during the transition period in stations that are equipped with an automated announcement system.

SŽDC believes that passengers will appreciate this new trend of information service as it will bring about substantial relief from the present sensory overload. Unless the current traffic situation is affected by unpredictable events, the reduced scope and number of announcements in locations with high traffic density will contribute to a markedly quieter milieu of the station. According to psychologists, the reduction of the information smog will also make passengers pay closer attention to the information process and to the contents of the intentionally brief station announcements.


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