The Railway Infrastructure Administration has published the 2016 Timetable on its website


Prague, 23 October 2015 – The Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) has published the complete 2016 Timetable, which takes effect on 13 December this year, on its website. By publishing the Timetable on the web the state organisation fulfils its obligation under law.

The timetable of public railway passenger transport is prepared by SŽDC, as the rail operator, based on the railway infrastructure capacity allocated to applicants for setting particular time routes for their trains. This provides interested passengers with information on train rides by any operator who has applied for allocating railway capacity, i.e. on lines 010 to 343 and the cable car operating from Liberec-Horní Hanychov to Ještěd. Information about planned exceptional trains by Czech Railways is also included.

The timetable is posted on the web as PDF files for individual lines. Some of them have changed, with one of the reasons for this being a modified order for railway transport. Therefore the line 024 is newly named Ústí nad Orlicí – Štíty. The ML (Municipal Line) has been cancelled and is newly referred to as 091. Trains from the existing line 091 will be listed within line the 090 Praha – Ústí nad Labem – Děčín. The line 132 Kadaň-Prunéřov – Želina has also been renamed. In addition, the modified names of lines 137 Chomutov – Cranzahl, 148 Cheb – Hranice v Čechách, Aš – Selb-Plößberg (– Hof) and 322 Frýdek-Místek – Český Těšín – Cieszyn are related to changes in international transport.

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