Karlovy Vary acquires a new railway station building


Karlovy Vary, 15 June 2015 – Today, the Railway Infrastructure Administration festively launched modernisation of the passenger building at the Karlovy Vary Upper railway station by a traditional tap on the rail. Within the construction in preparation, the current passenger building will be gradually demolished and a quite new building will be built in its place, based on a design of the architect Petr Franta.



The passenger building at the Karlovy Vary Upper station was built after World War II as a provisional replacement of the original railway station which was destroyed in 1945 during bombardment by Allied forces. This fact is reflected in the current building’s technical state where many structures have outlived their life cycle. A part of provisional spaces in the so-called “old post” building was recently reconstructed; nevertheless the remaining part is in disrepair and does not comply with current equipment standards for passengers.

”A new Upper Station passenger building corresponding to current European parameters and standards is designed for construction to replace the old one. The two-storeyed building with an organic shape will be inserted into steep land in direction to the city centre. The focal component of the building will be a glassed-in hall, crossing both floors and thus creating bright and airy public spaces. Thanks to this project, the world-renowned spa city will acquire a truly representative railway station and I believe it will be also a good image for our organisation’s activities”, says Mr. Pavel Surý, Director General of the Railway Infrastructure Administration about the construction’s assets. 

The designed construction has an aerodynamic shape, suitable i.a. for water or snow drainage. Technical solutions of the liming including insulation and constructions’ statics are designed with emphasis on low energy intensity of the building. The passenger building structure will be barrier-free.  Hall spaces in the sublevel should be connected to the underpass allowing access from the passenger building to platforms. On the ground level, passengers will find a hall with premises for tickets sale which will divide the building into two administrative parts including the technical background. These parts will be interconnected by a footbridge hanging over the hall.

The current passenger building will be demolished gradually. The eastern part of the building will be preserved in order to ensure fundamental functions of the station during construction and will be totally dismantled only after completing a related investment operation within modernisation of the whole railway station.

The implementation as such is expected to take place in two stages. The first is a preparatory one and  includes relocation of technologies ensuring the station’s operation and the construction of a provisional connection with the temporary passenger building. At the same time, premises necessary for maintaining operation (tickets sale, lavatories, daily rooms, provisional dispatcher room and communication room) will be adapted.
During the following implementation stage, the western and central part of the current passenger building will be demolished, a new passenger building will be built and the dispatcher room will be subsequently relocated there.

When the new building is finished, modernisation of the remaining parts of the railway station should start with construction of a new underpass and reconstruction of the whole trackage including Platforms 1 and 2. The project includes also greenery reclamation; current trees of good quality will be preserved to complete the new design and future shape of the railway station.

A decisive moment for preparing the whole operation was ensuring the transfer of the current passenger building which was owned by České dráhy, joint stock company (Czech Railways). The ownership transfer of Karlovy Vary railway station took place based on a contract of sale, concluded between České dráhy, joint stock company and the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organisation on 1 September 2014; the right of ownership thus passed to the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organisation as of 4 September 2014. Since that time, the Karlovy Vary railway station can be considered as owned by the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organisation, including the right of disposal. The physical handover of the station as such occurred on 9 October 2014 directly in Karlovy Vary.

The current project will be connected to the investment project Modernisation of Karlovy Vary Railway Station – station part, the implementation of which is planned for the period 2016 – 2017. Total costs of the construction designated as Modernisation of Karlovy Vary Railway Station – passenger building amount up to 96,010,049 CZK (VAT excluded). The investor is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organisation. The project is proposed for co-financing by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport with a planned contribution amount from the Cohesion Fund reaching 70,285,280 CZK. National financing of the project is ensured by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. The completion of works is expected in February 2016.


Construction Designation Modernisation of Karlovy Vary Railway Station – passenger building
Construction Investor Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organisation
Supplier SKANSKA a. s.
Term of launch 06/2015
Term of completion 02/2016
Total construction costs 96,010,049 CZK
Planned EU contribution 70,285,280 CZK



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