It is now possible to transfer from the train to public mass transport at Kačerov


The Railway Infrastructure Administration has launched testing operation at the new Prague-Kačerov train stop. Passenger trains began stopping there since the change in the timetable which came into effect on Sunday. The main benefit of the structure is a direct connection of the railway with the metro line and other components of the city’s public mass transport system. The access to the train is connected to the underpass under Michelská Street which is already part of the Kačerov metro station. The project also reckons with a connection to the bus lines.




The new railway stop includes a 150 metres long platform and concrete roofing. The builders have also installed loud speaker equipment, information signs for passengers and prepared an area for the installation of two ticket-franking machines.

The new Prague-Kačerov railway stop will increase transport access in the area, because it will improve the connection of the railway to the existing infrastructure. The facility will further secure safe and comfortable movement of citizens in the locality. At the same time, the new station also respects requirements for the movement of people with reduced capacity for movement and orientation, because it enables wheelchair access from the underpass to the level of Michelská Street in the area of the railway line.

“I am very sure that projects involving this type of stop can become a key factor to ensure that the railway becomes an interesting alternative for thousands of passengers who currently commute to work in their own cars,“ said Mr. Pavel Surý, Director General of the Railway Infrastructure Administration. “I actually believe that if somebody tries this method of transport, he will fall for the magic of the railway just as it happened to me long ago“, added Mr. Surý with a smile.

The building supplier is Metrostav a.s.. The construction work was launched in April 2014 and it will be completed by 19 February 2015. The total costs for the project amount to 50,698,239 CZK including VAT. The project has been co-financed by the European Union from its Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Transport up to an amount of 31,167,497 CZK. National financing of the project was assured by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure.

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