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Track access charges supervised by „KÁPO“

Prague, 27/12/2010 – Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC) and OLTIS Group a.s. signed the acceptance protocol for the solution of the information system KAPO. The objective of this system is the Calculation of track access charges for the railway infrastructure owned by SŽDC as the rail operator. Putting this system into operation in order to ensure correct functioning of the liberalized railway transport market was crucial for SŽDC. Track access charges from carriers total approximately CZK 4,5 billion per year and any error in the charges would lead either to revenue losses from rail operation or to complaints and claims from carriers.

So far, the charging and the calculation of the track access charges have been provided by an obsolete system of TP412, by manual data collection from the so-called train reports. The new KAPO solution brings about the elimination of the aforementioned reports as well as substantial enhancement of data quality, the source of which now represents the information systems of rail operation: ISOŘ KADR (path capacity sale, path orders and timetable set in the mode ad hoc), KANGO (a year´s timetable set), ISOŘ CDS (Central Dispatching System, monitoring the real-time progress of rail transport) and REVOZ (vehicle register). Enhancing the quality and precision as regards the charges selection, and the related maximum elimination of claims from carriers are the objective of the entire solution of the information system KAPO. Another contributing element is the minimization of all the manual work and the provision of credible precise statistics of natural indicators (train km, gross ton km) on the railway network.

The main emphasis when developing the KAPO information system was laid on putting the calculating system core into operation, including the data import from source systems, control of data consistence and full-featured algorithms for the calculation of charges in compliance with relevant legal regulations, including declared valid prices and exceptions (Assessment of the Ministry of Finance ČR defining maximum track access charges, Network Statement and Shipping and tariff bulletin). The seemingly simple calculation, however, calls for a solution of many non-trivial problems out of which the most significant one is the correct coupling of ordered trains with real operated trains (automatically and manually). Another complication consisted in finding mechanisms for applying offering prices for carriers, called discounts in the past, e.g. for the combined transport and full wagon loads. The target output of the system in relation to the carrier is naturally the invoice for the track access together with the so-called delivery note which contains a detailed analysis of the total price down to the levels of single trains.

Also, the supply house of the KAPO system deserves the credit for its work as its professional problem-solving team managed to accomplish the developmental work in only 9 months since the contract conclusion thanks to rich experience in the area of transport and informatics, using their own application platform and up-to-date technologies. The supplier delivered the product in the requested quality and proved that even a request for such a complex and closely observed system can be implemented. The order contains - apart from the previously described development - the provision of the system operation including the service desk.

Authors of the project: Ing. Jiří Pavel, Ph.D., SŽDC and Ing. Mgr. David Krásenský\, OLTIS Group a.s

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