Reconstruction of Platform No. 3 at the railway station Klatovy completed


Klatovy, 7th May 2010 – The railway station Klatovy can be proud of the reconstructed island platform No. 3. The construction has been in progress since 16th October last year. Now, the platform meets all the parameters necessary for contemporary and safe travelling. The station canopy also underwent the reconstruction. The platform edge is now 550 mm high over the top of rail, which allows passengers an easier access and exit. The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration.

The walking surface of the platform also underwent the reconstruction. The original concrete platform walls which were in unsuitable conditions were replaced. They were replaced with new reinforced concrete L-shaped prefabricated elements and the platform surface with interlocking block paving. Yellow safety lanes were provided. The reconstruction of the island platform No. 3 is between tracks No. 2 and 4 and its parameters comply with the structure gauge Z-GC, as does the platform shelter which was modified for this clearance in 2006. New light-blue facing at both exits on platform No. 2 and 3 and on the front wall of the subway matches the walls at the exits. Together with the new lining, new modern steel handrails and short railings were installed at the exits to connect the existing stairway to the new platform level. Under the construction, the communication and signalling installation and the low-voltage distribution were modified. As for passengers, the most striking change represents new information boards, navigation beacons for the visually- impaired including cable leads and platform lighting. The railway substructure was not affected during the construction at all.

The construction was funded by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. The cost of the implementation totals CZK 13 136 016. The project was developed by the joint-stock company SUDOP Project Pilsen.



Technical Data  


Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization


DOSTA Tábor s.r.o.


SUDOP Project Plzeň a.s.


16th October 2009


7th May 2010


CZK 13 136 016


State Fund for Transport Infrastructure CR



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