SŽDC signed the union contract for 2014


Prague, December 9th 2013 – After intensive negotiations, the management of the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) signed together with its social partners the company union contract for 2014. According to this document which is a compromise achieved by both contracting parties, company benefits will remain in the extent of this year. A mild salaries’ growth has been ensured as well.

Mr. Jiří Kolář, Director General of the Railway Infrastructure Administration, summarises the negotiations as follows: “The company union contract for 2014 provides the necessary assurance and stability to our people for the period to come, the currently turbulent period notwithstanding. It ensures to our employees e.g. the same benefits they had up to now, moreover it provides them assurance and salaries’ growth in tariff groups up to 1%.“

The union contract describes in detail the relationship between the employee and the company with the objective of achieving social compromise in the company. Conditions provided by SŽDC will remain after signature of the contract in the same extent as in 2013.

Besides topics already agreed upon, a tariff salaries’ growth up to 1% will occur while preserving the same personnel expenses as in 2013 as well as granting professional rewards; the current performance reward amount remained unchanged also.

”In the year to come, SŽDC will undertake savings measures only in those areas where it will be necessary or desirable,“ says the Director General Mr. Kolář about another issue of crucial importance. By signing the union contract, the SŽDC Director General presently refuted any concerns on a possible massive dismissal of employees.

Neither of the negotiation teams did see the other one for the last time however. They agreed in fact that they would continue their discussion on changing the way of rewarding selected operation and infrastructure control professions or on Principles of using centralised assets of the Social and Cultural Requirements Fund and the Working Regulations.

Technical reading of the signed union contract will take place on Friday 13 December. Following that it will be published, printed and distributed to all SŽDC organisational units.

”I am very glad that the contract with our partners has been signed. We had to find many compromises on both sides. Given the current economic situation in the Czech Republic, I consider this contract reached by both parties as the best result possible and a victory on both sides“ said the Director General Mr. Kolář after the negotiation and added: ”I would like to thank the whole negotiation team and our social partners for their constructive approach.


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