Construction of the new bridge in Kolin is in it's half-time


Kolín, 6th July 2010 – After nearly four months since demolishing work started on the Kolin railway bridge, the Directorate of Waterways CR and the companies Viamont DSP a. s., Eurovia CS, a.s. and EDS Holding, a.s., are reporting that the new half of the bridge is glowing above the Labe River. Builders can launch the demolishing work and the construction of the other half. The operation on the railway line will be maintained. Trains will be operated on one track only.

The reconstruction work of the current double-track railway bridge spanning the Labe River since 1908 proceeded to another phase. Starting in the evening of 6th July, trains will be passing across the Labe River on one track on the new bridge and builders can set about the construction of the other half, again dismantling the original over 100 year-old bridge structure on the second track and subsequently they will build an entirely new bridge. The previously installed switches will allow maintaining railway transport without any radical restrictions of the operation, for the trains will be using a new track during the construction period.

As from today passengers can use a fully reconstructed platform No. 5 which now meets requirements of the modern railway passenger transport for comfortable and safe travelling. The platform edge is 550 mm over the top of rail to provide an easier access and exit. There are also barrier-free accesses and an information system. Platform No. 4, which is the last one to be modernized, will stay closed since August and will be rebuilt the similar way like Platform No. 5. The full reconstruction of the railway station Kolin-main station as a significant transport junction is about to be completed.

The old bridge with its clearance of 4,35 m does not comply with current requirements for the waterway parameters. It will be therefore replaced with a new contemporary bridge with clearance of 5,25 m. The bridge reconstruction always proceeds on one of its half. The investor minimizes the impact of the reconstruction on railway operation thanks to switches that shall shorten the necessary transformation of the double-track operation into a single-track operation solely for the area of the reconstructed bridge. The contractor and ŘVC ČR closely cooperate with the Railway Infrastructure Administration, s.o. which also provides technical supervision and coordination within the construction.

The reconstruction will adapt over 2900 m of the substructure and superstructure, a new contact line system will be installed and the line will be equipped with contemporary signalling installation. Two level crossings in the streets Starokolinska and Tovarni will be reconstructed. The level crossings will be secured with the state-of-the-art technology and their surface will be made of rubber, which will markedly reduce the noisiness of the road traffic.

The construction also implemented noise-protection measures, such as noise barriers with the length of nearly 1000 metres, to protect adjoining residential buildings. It thus reduced the level of noisiness in the area of the track

The project for CZK 1,23 billion will be supported by the European Union. CZK 877 million will be covered by the Operational Programme Transport from the European Fund for regional development. The remaining cost will be paid from the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure.

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