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Modernization of the railway station Kroměříž has been completed

Kroměříž, 24/09/2009 – Today’s tape-cutting has celebrated the end of the modernization of the railway station Kroměříž. The passengers can use a comfortable, safe and barrier-free station with a new island platform, contemporary information system and lighting. The modernization has naturally applied to railway technologies - communication and signalling equipment.

There is also new arrangement of the yard for the needs of shifting at the station. It thus enhances the smoothness of the traffic at the level crossing in busy Hulínská street. The aforementioned level crossing is also equipped with up-to-date electronic signalling equipment. The investor of the modernization of the railway station Kroměříž was the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization. Ing. Jan Komárek, SŽDC´s Director General commented on today’s festive event: „The modernization of the railway network in the Czech republic does not include only corridor structures as the impression might be. The modernization or optimization also applies to important junctions, regional lines and railway stations. The evidence of this is the just-completed modernization of the railway station Kroměříž. The objective of this construction was to modernize the station for the needs of contemporary railway transport and to design it as a pleasant entrance gateway into this wonderful historic city.“

The construction which started in May last year successfully dealt with the rehabilitation of substructure including a new drainage and with the reconstruction of the station track No. 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 with the total length of 3001 metres. 22 switches have been modernized and 16 of them are equipped with electric heating. A new two-sided platform with the length of 250 m and width of 6.14 m was built between the track 1 and 5, where a part of the track No. 3 was removed. There is a new outside platform – 90m long and 3.5 m wide – for trains headed to Zborovice. The edges of both platforms with their height of 550 mm over the top of rail allow a more comfortable entry and exit for passengers. The passengers are also provided with two new shelters as well as with a new information system and lighting.

The modernization naturally included the renovation of the railway technology – communication and signalling equipment. The electronic interlocking is now controlled from a unified control place; the line safety and signalling equipment in the sections Kroměříž - Hulín and Kroměříž - Kojetín is equipped with a new automatic line block system - type AH. All signalling installations belong to the state-of-the-art III category – through their own diagnostics they transfer operating conditions to the control place and the maintenance site.

Heavy-current equipment has also been reconstructed at the railway station. The current lighting has been modified and supplemented with a new lighting tower at Hulín station head, the existing genset of the substitute power supply of the railway station has been replaced with a new one with automatic start and a new mast transformer station was built. Builders lay a new communication track cable and local cables; they replaced the current inconvenient telephone exchange with a new digital one. To keep passengers better informed a new information system and station announcement system were installed. Outdoor areas near the railway station including the platform access were also improved.

Consistent with the requests of Kroměříž, the Police of ČR and the Fire Department, the yard has been newly arranged in such a way so that the shunting vehicles could avoid entering the area of the level crossing in Hulínská street and blocking the traffic. Solving this problem is facilitated by an up-to-date station safety and signalling equipment and by convenient traffic technology of the railway station during railway operation. The project of the modernization of Kroměříž´s station did not omit necessary noise-protection measures resulting from sanitary studies. A new noise barrier protects the health of citizens in the area of the affected housing district.

The costs of the construction implementation total CZK 444 MM. The construction was funded through the State Fund of Transport Infrastructure.

The Project of the modernization of the railway station Kroměříž has been entered on the list of priority constructions under the Operational Programme Transport for the period of 2007 - 2013 and has been suggested to be co-funded by the European Union through the Cohesion Fund. The amount of the support totals CZK 309 250 330, which represents 85% of the eligible costs of the construction.

The modernization of the railway station Kroměříž was implemented by the association of construction companies represented by the chief member TCHAS, spol. s r. o., and the members TOMI-REMONT, a. s., and SIGNALBAU, a. s. The project documentation was developed by the company MORAVIA CONSULT Olomouc, a. s.

The construction implementation proceeded from May 2008 to August 2009.

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