Festive presentation of the book „From Prague to Kladno by Rail“


Prague, 17/02/2011 – Jiří Ryvola and Mojmír Krejčiřík can be considered synonyms for poetic pictures and catching reading about the phenomenon called the railway. The abbreviation of SŽDC stands for the symbol of the railway infrastructure in the Czech Republic.

No one can be surprised that the presentation of the last of the 5 book-series illustrated by Jiří Ryvola and commented by Mojmír Krejčířík, took place at the Headquarters of the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC) again. The editor of all volumes has been the company SKANSKA that rightfully deserves respect and admiration for this deed and implemented intent. On the occasion of the festive presentation of the last volume, Ing. Jindřich Topol, Executive Director of Railway Civil Engineering passed the imaginary baton over to Ing. Pavel Habarta, MBA, from SŽDC. He declares that SŽDC highly regards such men with capital M – as undoubtedly Jiří Ryvola and Mojmír Krejčiřík are – and he picks up this baton.

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