Railway station Prague Libeň equipped with the latest signalling installation


Prague, 28th November – a new station interlocking equipment in the railway station Prague Libeň has been put into test operation. It is the electronic interlocking ESA-33 (AŽD Praha) which is to replace the obsolete relay signalling installation AŽD-71 dating from the early 70´s of the past century. The installation of the new modern signalling equipment is part of the construction „Thoroughfare in the railway junction Prague – modernization of the track section Prague Libeň - Prague Běchovice 1st part (including 2nd part)“

The installation will be run from the Unified Control Place which is situated in the reconstructed railway office at the central interlocking unit. 125 switches will be connected to this new installation. All track circuits are of KOA-1 type and fully interoperable. It means there will be no limitations to the operation of any traction vehicle of all member states of the European Union.

The station tracks are equipped with the transmitter of the automatic train control to the locomotive. Also included is the graphic-technological supplement providing train numbers and the traffic diary. The activation of the new station interlocking equipment in the station Prague Libeň significantly contributes to enhancing the capacity of the rail transport in the Prague railway junction and is a logical follow-up to the completed construction „New Link“, thus creating a complex which ensures a faster and higher-quality railway connection of the capital with the eastern regions of the republic.

The essential parts of the project have been developed by IKP Consulting Engineers, s.r.o and the project documentation by AŽD Praha, s.r.o. The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization.

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