Operation at Lovosice Railway Station Is Safer After Reconstruction


Today, Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) festively completed the reconstruction of the signalling and safety equipment at Lovosice railway station. Thanks to this extensive investment, operation safety increased together with travelling comfort and operation reliability of the railway line. The construction also contributed to better transport organizing and to a capacity increase in the given line section.

The modernization included building new station signalling and safety equipment at Lovosice Station. The project is connected to the infrastructure reduction and line safety equipment modification in adjoining line sections. Passengers will appreciate especially a new station information and radio system as well changing to trains on the main line from Prague to Děčín with more comfort without having to use a passage under platforms.

During reconstructions, builders adopted some tracks and exchanged signalling installations which helped optimizing operation at the station. They built cable lines on each railway line section and modernized light installations at railway crossings within the project. This modification allowed to increase safety and arrangement along the whole station limits’ length of 3.3 km.

 ”An important asset for Lovosice railway station is increasing safety within its limits not only for passengers but for transport employees as well. Thanks to some tracks’ modifications and by the installation of a new signalling and safety equipment, this North Bohemia city also acquired a modern railway station”, said Mr. Petr Hofhanzl, Director of the SŽDC Civil Engineering Administration West.

In accordance with the global objective of Operational Programme Transport Priority Axis 1 which is an improvement of railway transport on the Trans-European Network TEN-T, higher transport availability was achieved at Lovosice railway station and higher safety has been assured as well as more comfort for passengers and engine drivers.

This investment designated as Reconstruction of signalling and safety equipment at Lovosice railway station was supported considerably by financial means from the European Unions under the Operational Programme Transport. It was a phased project with Phase I being co-financed within OPT 2007–2013 and the project designated as Reconstruction of signalling and safety equipment at Lovosice railway station - Phase II being co-financed within OPT 2014–2020. Total planned costs of Phase II equal CZK 326,420,393 (VAT excluded), the EU contribution under its Cohesion Fund for Phase II amounts up to CZK 245,224,047. Total costs of the project (Phase I and II) equal CZK 689,872,010 (VAT excluded). The planned EU contribution from its Cohesion Fund for the whole construction amounts up to CZK 527,845,875. National financing was provided by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure.


Reconstruction of signalling and safety equipment at Lovosice railway station
Construction Investor Správa železniční dopravní cesty, státní organizace
Suppliers AŽD Praha s.r.o.
MONZAS, spol. s.r.o.
Term of launch 03/2015
Term of completion 11/2017
Total construction costs CZK 689,872,010 (VAT excluded)
Approved EU contribuition CZK 527,845,875 


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