Project Lubahn will improve conditions for passengers in Liberec and Varnsdorf


Liberec, 18 September 2013 – Investments into railway infrastructure within the Czech-German Lubahn Project will ensure more attractive cross-border train connection in the Nisa Euro-Region. On the Czech territory, Platform No 5 in Liberec station will be reconstructed and a new railway stop Varnsdorf staré nádraží (Varnsdorf Old Station) will be built. The main project’s partner is ZVON from Saxony (Transport association Upper Lusatia  – Lower Silesia), the other partners are the Railway Infrastructure Administration (RIA) and the Liberec Region.



The project is co-financed by the European Union by the intermediary of Programme Target 3/Ziel 3 for supporting cross-border cooperation 2007–2013 between the Czech Republic and the Free State of Saxony. Total expected costs amounting 2.33 Mio euro (approx 60 Mio CZK) could be lowered considerably after tendering all public orders, so that the costs of adaptations made on the Czech territory  (Liberec, Varnsdorf) will amount 24.3 Mio CZK. Works will be carried out by the company Chládek a Tintěra, Pardubice a.s.  

On the Czech territory, the construction deals with infrastructure adaptations in two railway stations. In Liberec, the island-type Platform No 5 including the span roof will be reconstructed. Railway superstructure will be reconstructed on adjacent tracks No 107 and 111, works include also railway substructure sanitation, dewatering the substructure body and platform roofing as well as increasing bearing capacity of vaults in current underpasses. Besides that, safety, communication and heavy-current networks and equipment will be relayed. Elevating the platform’s edge will require adaptations of the passenger elevator and a stairs extension on exits from underpasses. During the construction an unused Czech Railways’ shelter on the southern end of the platform will be demolished and non-functional service elevators will be removed.

The second site is the old railway station area in Varnsdorf where a new railway stop will be opened. During the construction, an external level platform 45 metres long with a boarding platform edge 550 mm above the adjoining rail top will be built. Railway superstructure and substructure will be reconstructed on the platform site and dewatering of track No 1 will be built. The construction will also include a shortening of track No 2. Besides that the current crossing in km 12.141 will be closed and a new railway crossing in km 12.288 with a connecting foot-path will be built in its place.  The new platform will get lighting and a part of the railway premises will be fenced.

On the German side, the Lubahn Project reckons with reconstructing Platform No 3 in Mittelherwigsdorf station situated on the line section between Zittau and Varnsdorf.


Construction Designation  
Supplier Chládek a Tintěra, Pardubice a.s.
Term of beginning July 2013
Term of finishing November 2013
Own investments VAT excluded (on the Czech territory) 24.325,216 CZK
(tendered price of supplier)



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