Festive Launch of the „Optimization of the Line Lysá nad Labem - Prague-Vysočany, 1st Construction“


PRAGUE, 20/09/2011 – Another significant phase of the modernization of the Czech railway was festively launched. The investor of the „Optimization of the line Lysá nad Labem – Prague - Vysočany, 1st construction“ is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC). The first part included the reconstruction of the safety and signalling equipment in the track section Čelákovice - Prague Vysočany.



The main benefit of the construction represents the enhanced capacity of the line Lysá nad Labem – Prague Vysočany which will serve as a by-pass line during the modernization of the corridor section Běchovice – Úvaly. Another benefit is the enhanced path capacity within Prague Integrated Transport. Ing. Pavel Habarta, MBA, SŽDC´s Executive Director comments on the main benefits of the construction for the public: „In the railway station Prague Horní Počernice, a new island platform with two 200m-long platform edges will be built near the current track No. 4. The access to the platform will be provided through a passenger subway. This subway will be equipped with a lift to create a barrier-free access for disabled citizens. The safety of the railway transport will be enhanced by means of modern technological signalling equipment to control the railway transport.“

In 2011, the construction of the first part of the subway in the railway station Horní Počernice (the far side of the passenger building) was implemented; the island platform in Horní Počernice is being built and necessary work proceeds on the railway substructure and a reinforcing line for the traction between the railway station Prague Vysočany and the branching-off point Balabenka.

In 2012, the subway and the island platform in Horní Počernice will be completed. Track adjustments will be performed in the railway station Vysočany; a few unused tracks and related switches will be removed. „The crucial work will focus on the installation of the station interlocking equipment in the railway station Vysočany. Electronic interlocking ESA-11 manufactured by AŽD Praha and the block signalling system will be installed here; in the track section branching-off point Skály – railway station Vysočany there will be a two-way automatic line block system; the track section between the stations Čelákovice - Mstětice - Horní Počernice – branching-off point Skály will be equipped with a one-way automatic line block system.

The railway stations Čelákovice, Mstětice and Prague Horní Počernice will keep the existing electromechanical signalling installation. In the operating control posts branching-off point Skály and the railway station Prague Vysočany, new station interlocking equipment of the 3rd category in the system of electronic interlocking will be installed.

"The open line sections Čelákovice - Mstětice - Prague Horní Počernice will be equipped with block signalling system (one-way automatic line block system with a signal box on the line);the track sections Prague Horní Počernice – branching-off point Skály, branching-off point Skály - Prague Satalice and branching-off point Skály - Prague Vysočany with two-way automatic line block system,“ comments on the optimization Ing. Zdeněk Chrdle, AŽD Praha Director General. New cables for signalling and telecommunication equipment will be put into the existing cable routes. New technology including cabling will be implemented for telecommunication technologies. In the technological rooms of the railway station Prague Vysočany and the branching-off point Skály, electric signalling will be installed; the branching-off point Skály will be equipped with a simple camera system. Multi-line telephone sets will be modified as well. The construction also includes the implementation of four 4 signal gantries in the track section branching-off point Skály - Prague Vysočany. In the railway station Prague Praha Vysočany and the branching-off point Skály, 19 crucial switches will be equipped with electric heating.

The construction will also include the installation of the cable of the reinforcing line from the rectifier station Balabenka to the gridiron of the railway station Prague Vysočany. The reinforcing line will be installed on existing overhead line masts and will be implemented as suspension given the type construction sets. The construction has no direct impact on the environment. However, it creates conditions to further improve rail transport and to enhance its competitiveness towards the road transport, which clearly demonstrates a positive effect on the environment. The construction was launched on 18th July this year and its completion is planned for September 2012. The contractor of the construction is AŽD Praha, s.r.o. and the project was developed by SUDOP Praha, a.s.

„The Optimization of the line Lysá nad Labem – Prague-Vysočany, 1st construction is funded from the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure and from the EU Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Transport. The maximum level of EU co-funding may reach 70.35% of the eligible cost of the construction. The maximum contribution may represent CZK 151,590,729. The national funding was provided by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. The overall investment costs may total CZK 228,683,000.


Line parameters


Total length of the line

22,691 km

Operating control posts with upgraded station interlocking to link TZZ

3 stations

Number of open line sections with one-way block system


Number of open line section with banalized block system


Heated switches


Newly interlocked S&C units


Cabling length

22,691 km

Multi-line telephone sets


Electric signalling








Length of dismantled tracks

2 485 m

Length of new tracks

1 153 m

Dismantled switches


New installed switches


Length of drainage (only in the railway station Prague Horní Počernice)

475 m

New platform edges and their length

2 (400 m)

New grade-separated subways and their length

1 (37 m)

New signal gantries



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