European funds for investments in tens of rail lines


Prague, 26 March 2013 – The Railway Infrastructure Administration (RIA) starts preparing in agreement with the Ministry of Transport new campaigns that will enable drawing financial funds from the EU allocated within its Operational Programme Transport



A common feature of select projects was especially their simple preparation and a possibility to bring them into effect in a short term. The money being invested will bring on the one hand higher safety on railway crossings, on the other hand it will enable revitalizing select lines with an objective of increasing travelling speed and a related shortening of journey times.

On lines of European importance which belong to the international network TEN-T, e.g. on line sections from Ústí nad Labem through Chomutov and Karlovy Vary to Cheb or from Ostrava through Havířov to Český Těšín, great stress will be put on reconstructing feeding stations besides increasing train speed too. Forks will be built on heavily used lines in order to shorten sections between stations approximately by half which will enable decreasing train delays during line closures or extraordinary events. On other lines (e.g. Liberec – Česká Lípa or Hanušovice – Jeseník) modernization of safety equipment will take place as well.

“New projects will help us to draw all money from the OPT programme in the required term, i.e. till the end of 2015,“ says the RIA Director General Mr. Jiří Kolář. He also adds that for lines included in the TEN-T network, 15.2 billion Czech crowns remain to be drawn and for lines of wide-nation importance 6 billion Czech crowns. An important part of financial resources will be used namely for the projects mentioned above.

The RIA Deputy Director General for modernization Mr. Petr Šlegr cites one example: ”EU resources will bring better services both to railway undertakings and to the passengers. E.g. express trains and stop trains between Okříšky and Náměští nad Oslavou in the Třebíč Region will mostly run at speeds of 80 – 100 km/h instead of 60 km/h only “: Furthermore he adds: ”The objective of most campaigns will be a full use of all possibilities created by our ancestors while designing rail lines on our territory.“



A list of lines involved and a general description of the constructions’ content can be found in annex. Specific content of all campaigns is only approximate however and it may be changed especially based on consideration of economic effectiveness.


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