A Unique Roofing Will Connect Masaryk Station with the Main Station


The planned modernisation of Masaryk Station registers another step. SŽDC has been ordering a preparation of a project intent and an updated documentation for the modernisation and completion of the railway station Praha Masarykovo nádraží (Prague Masaryk Station). Instead of the originally proposed underpass under the railway station, the construction will include a new vestibule as roofing. The elaborated project intent, approved by the Central Committee of the Ministry of Transport, can be followed by the documentation’s completion for purposes of territorial proceedings.






”Compared to the original order of building an underpass under the railway station, the construction project will include building a new vestibule over each platform, connecting the area of Na Florenci, Hybernská and Opletalova Street with the platforms of Masaryk Station and providing a connection for pedestrians from Hybernská and Opletalova Street to Na Florenci Street“, explains Mr. Pavel Surý, Director General of SŽDC  The proposal to build an Eastern vestibule roofing platforms is based on the background study option for roofing the railway station Praha Masarykovo nádraží, the so-called “Swallow”, elaborated by the companies SUDOP PRAHA and Jakub Cigler Architekti.

The commissioned documentation will be thoroughly dealing with the arrangement of the vestibule at Masaryk Station, i.e. the number and location of all escalators, stairs and lifts. It will also address issues of locating the orientation and information system, premises for handling passengers, waiting rooms and the furniture. Its result will be an area design in the extent necessary for railway passengers to access their trains. It will also deal with connecting Opletalova, Hybernská and Na Florenci Street for pedestrians. The main route for pedestrians is designed in such a way so that no collisions of people just passing through with waiting passengers occur.

Of course, access from Hybernská and Na Florenci Street will be a matter so that the final solution can be negotiable in terms of territorial proceedings while also taking into account minimal intervention to the road crossing on Hybernská Street. Last but not least, the study must deal with the architectonic aspect. The supplier will elaborate visualisations of the construction’s architectonical design and prepare a video-spot and a presentation of the construction. The order also includes a creation of a 3D model of all construction parts, based on which the complete preparatory documentation will be elaborated.

The Masaryk Station area is a unique development locality in the very centre of Prague, well integrated into the city structure. Moreover, it is in direct contact with other areas both in Prague and outside it due to the railway connection. ”The study’s design respects and uses this locality’s uniqueness. It stresses the advantages of preserved servicing of the city centre by trains and ensuring barrier-free connection of the Prague quarters Josefov, New Town, Karlín and lower Žižkov which are practically isolated nowadays“, emphasises Ms Adriana Krnáčová, Mayor of the Capital City of Prague.

”We are pleased that SŽDC opted for a solution creating a new public space with enough greenery and will make central parts of Prague more passable at the same time. Moreover, it will represent an interesting component between the historical railway station building and modern structures which will be standing on both sides of the trackage within a few years“, adds Mr. Petr Palička, Executive Director of the company Penta for matters of developer activity in the Czech Republic.

SŽDC plans to call the tender this August. The time for preparing the documentation is estimated for 18 months and together with the period necessary for the public tender, the territorial proceedings decision can be expected in mid-2019. The estimated value of the order will equal approximately CZK 11 million. Total investment costs for the station’s modernisation will reach approximately CZK 1.655 billion.


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