Extraordinary timetable change


Prague, 3 April – The Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organisation prepared an extraordinary change of the railway passenger transport timetable on some lines for Monday 8 April 2013. This changes took place based on a transport operators’ request.

In long-distance transport, the extraordinary change takes into account putting EMUs City Elefant into operation in selected express trains on the line Praha – Děčín during weekends and on the line Praha – Ostrava – Třinec in extra express trains 1485/1484, which represents a change in the amount of services provided by trains. Sunday trains D1 Express 1470 - 1473 will be newly stopping at Pardubice Main Station, trains D1 Express 574 and 575 will be running on working days since the day of announcement. In express trains 732, 741, 747, travel documents ODIS will also be valid in the line section Bohumín – Suchdol nad Odrou. On a request of the transport operator LEO Express, the trains 1350 - 1367 “”Swiss Quality” will be renamed to LEO Express.

A change will occur in the extent of regional transport and some trains in the eastern part of the Pardubice Region on lines 010, 016, 017, 019, 021, 024, 031, 238, 260, 261 will have more stops, at the same time transport be renewed during weekends on the line 025 Dolní Lipka – Hanušovice. In the Hradec Králové Region, partial time adaptations will occur on the line 033 (trains 15104 and 15114) as well as a stopping change on the line 040 (train 5723). Partial changes concern also special trains 1709, 4244 and 4246 which will run on 25 May in the South Moravia Region to the Meeting of Cultures celebration in Mikulčice on lines 250 and 330. Stopping is extended for trains 1631 (line 330) and 3530 (line 310) in the Olomouc Region and for the train 9001 in the Central Bohemia Region (line 210) and running days are changed for trains 13679 and 13681 (line 294).

Due to mostly local changes of lesser importance, this change will be made only in timetables situated in railway stations and in internet browsers. For common timetable users this change is published on the website of the Railway Infrastructure Administration and Czech Railways. It will be published in printed form only as a separate part of the Amendment No 1.of the 2013 timetable valid since 9 June 2013. Additional information can be found at passenger cash desks and information centres of Czech Railways.


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