Extraordinary change in rail passenger transport starting on 7 April


Prague, 1 April – The Railway Infrastructure Administration prepared another extraordinary change of the rail passenger transport timetable starting on Monday 7 April 2014. Based on requests of railway carriers and relevant regions, adjustments on more than ten railway lines occur.

  • On lines 010 and 270 Praha – Česká Třebová – Bohumín, the period of running trains outside school holidays will be extended for the train SC Pendolino 513 (up to now running on Friday and Sunday only) also to Thursday, in the opposite direction for the train SC 518 (up to now running on Monday only) also to Friday. On the contrary, the train 1367 LEO Express will not be running on 1 / 2 May 8. / 9 May and 13 / 14.December.
  • On the line 162 Rakovník – Kralovice u Rakovníka based on evaluating present test operation, the running of 3 pairs of stopping passenger trains will be extended to the line section Čistá – Kralovice u Rakovníka where operation should have stopped originally. In this connection, the train 17710’s time position has been slightly modified on its departure from Rakovník as well as the train 7725’s position on the line 161.
  • On the line 203 Březnice – Strakonice, the train 17918’s position has been shifted in the section Březnice – Blatná by 16 minutes sooner for improving the connection of the train 7946 coming from Beroun.
  • On the line 220 Benešov u Prahy – České Budějovice in connection with the previous change, the train 1931 will be newly stopping on working days in Ševětín; in Chotýčany on the contrary it will be stopping on weekends only.
  • On the line 280 Hranice na Moravě – Střelná, time positions of trains 3209 and 3210 were modified in the section Horní Lideč – Střelná – Horní Lideč for the purpose of getting a connection from a bus coming from Valašské Klobouky.
  • On the line 313 Milotice nad Opavou – Vrbno pod Pradědem, trains 13501 and 13502 will be running on Monday only.
  • On the line 314 Opava východ – Jakartovice, railway passenger transport is stopped completely.
  • On lines 320, 321 and 322, small time shifts of some trains in the neighbourhood of Český Těšín occur with the objective of connecting trains and mutual changes on these lines in Český Těšín as well as a modification of the train 2910’s position so that passengers may change in Bohumín to the train SC Pendolino 516 in direction to Praha and Františkovy Lázně.
  • Due to mostly local adjustments of lesser importance, this change will be made only on timetables situated at railway stations and in internet browsers. For regular users of the book timetable, the change will be published on the website of the Railway Infrastructure Administration and České dráhy. More information is available at passenger cash desks and information centres of České dráhy.


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