Mnichovice after reconstruction one of the prettiest train stops


Mnichovice, 31.10.2011 – the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) completed the repair work at the train stop Mnichovice.

The reconstruction of the train stop Mnichovice represents the completion of joint efforts of SŽDC, the town of Mnichovice and the Czech Railways, joint-stock company. The Building and Housing Economy District of the Regional Infrastructure Administration Prague repaired the facade on the building of the train stop; indoors the ceilings were lowered and insulated, the wooden lower ceiling was renovated and the doors were replaced. The sanitary facility was also modernized; it is barrier-free and provides passengers with comfort.

Neighbouring Hrusice inspired Veronika Třebická, the local interior designer to decorate the public area with Josef Lada’s paintings. The area of the train stop shows the drawings of Mikeš-Tomcat or Pašík-Piggy and other Lada’s figures that were depicted by the students of the local school in the subway under the track facility.

The operation and the maintenance of the sanitary facility will be taken care of by Mnichovice for the duration of 10 years. It purchased a camera surveillance system at its own expense to ensure order and safety. There still remains one task to be resolved and it involves a car park for travellers who are brought to the train stop in cars. The town of Mnichovice intends to build the car park in cooperation with SŽDC with the contribution of the European subsidies.

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