Modernization of Rail Corridor IV Reaches Its Final Phase


The modernization of the line section from Sudoměřice u Tábora to Votice being launched right now is one of the last constructions on the southern branch of the Czech transit corridor leading from Praha to České Budějovice and to the Austrian border. After the completion of all remaining stages, travelling between these two cities will get reduced by more than half an hour.

The reconstruction of Rail Corridor IV started in 2005 in the part between stations Strančice and Praha-Hostivař. At present, trains can already use both the rather long modernized section from this part of our capital city to Votice and the sections from Sudoměřice u Tábora to Doubí and from Soběslav to Dynín. The railway junction in České Budějovice acquired the corresponding parameters as well.

Almost concurrently with works on the border of Central Bohemia and South Bohemia Region, an important construction was launched on the territory of our capital city between Hostivař Station and the Main Station where a quadruple-track railway line will be built. Similarly works are going on in the section between Dynín and Ševětín.

Next May, the construction of a double track relocation of the current line from Doubí u Tábora to Soběslav should be launched. Lastly, the section from Nemanice on the border of the South Bohemian capital to Ševětín will be modernized, probably in 2021. This February, the Central Committee of the Ministry of Transport approved the relocation variant with two rather long railway tunnels. After its completion, the Chotýčany tunnel almost 5 km long will be the longest one on the SŽDC network.

Modernization of the entire Czech Rail Transit Corridor IV should be completed in 2026. Journey times of express trains between Praha and České Budějovice will thus be reduced from the original 2 hours and 15 minutes down to 1 hour and 40 minutes. Tilting train-sets will be able to cover this distance even in 83 minutes.

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