Modernisation of the Karlovy Vary Railway Station Is Proceeding to the Next Stage


Today, Správa železniční dopravní cesty launched the second part of the modernisation of the Karlovy Vary railway station. The project currently includes a completion of the first stage - a demolition and construction of the passenger building and a rehabilitation of the trackage. Its goal is to improve technical condition of the platforms and shelters and to increase safety and comfort of passenger transport.

In the first part of the construction, the demolition of the existing station building was carried out and a new modern building based on a design of architect Petr Franta was built in its place. The central element of the building is a glass hall over both floors, creating an airy and lighted public space. In the future, the underground floor of the hall will be connected with an underpass leading to individual platforms. On the above-ground floor, there is a hall with a ticket sales area and an administrative part including utility rooms. The entire station building is barrier-free.

”Karlovy Vary is one of the most important spa centres in our country. The local railway station is an entrance gate for a large number of domestic and foreign guests who come to the spa. The former state of the station was really desperate. Nevertheless, todays shape is clearly changing for the better. Upon completion of all remaining modifications including the trackage, the inhabitants of the regional city will receive a station that will correspond to the ideas of the modern Czech railway“, stated Mr. Dan Ťok, Minister of Transport of the Czech Republic.

“Greenery reclamation is a part of the project, where the existing high quality trees will be preserved and will make final touches to the future face of the station in its new form. Due to this, Karlovy Vary will be a truly representative train station”, said Mr. Tomáš Drmola, Deputy DG of SŽDC for Assets Management.

The new passenger building will serve the public since 10 May 2017. On the ground floor, there will passengers find cash desks that will be temporarily open at one of the future commercial establishments. Access to the new building will initially be possible only by the main entrance. After completion of the construction of the first platform in August this year, an entrance from its upper part will also be open. At the same time, the cashier partitions will be put into operation.

The second just started part of the project concerning the trackage follows the construction of a new passenger building. Platforms No. 1 and 2 will undergo a reconstruction. In addition to the construction of a new underpass, the necessary modifications of the railway superstructure and substructure, stationary safety equipment, the overhead lines and other connecting devices will be carried out.

The contractor of the first part of the project called Modernization of the Karlovy Vary Railway Station was the company SKANSKA. The contractor of the second part, which was just started, is the company STRABAG Rail. Total costs are CZK 716,721,628 VAT excluded. The project is approved under the Operational Program Transport for co-financing by the European Union from the European structural and investment funds, up to a maximum of CZK 532,410,543. National funding is provided by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure.


Construction Designation Modernization of Karlovy Vary Railway Station
Construction Investor Správa železniční dopravní cesty, státní organizace
Supplier SKANSKA a.s., STRABAG Rail a.s.
Term of launch 4/2015
Term of completion 1/2019
Total construction costs CZK 707,201,000 (VAT excluded)
Approved EU contribution CZK 554,934,983






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