Reconstruction and Modernisation of Plzeň Railway Junction Midway


Správa železniční dopravní cesty started a reconstruction of the whole railway junction Plzeň in 2011 by a preparatory construction Passage through Plzeň junction in direction Rail Transit Corridor III. During this construction, the station acquired a new underpass which solved the issue of a barrier-free access to platforms and allowed passengers easier change to urban and regional transport on streets Šumavská and Železniční.

Modernisation of the railway station is divided into five stand-alone constructions altogether, interconnected from a technical and economical point of view. This costly modernisation has an objective to put Plzeň railway station into a status corresponding to its importance and current requirements on modern travelling. A completion of the whole set of constructions with total investment costs of approximately CZK 6.3 billion is planned for 2022.

The railway station Plzeň hlavní nádraží (Plzeň Main Station) belongs among important railway junctions in the Czech Republic. Six railway lines of regional, nation-wide and European relevance open into the station. Lines leading from Praha to Cheb, to Domažlice and to České Budějovice are a part of the Trans-European Transport Network TEN-T. In direction from Praha to Cheb, the railway junction is a part of the Czech Rail Transit Corridor III which cuts the Czech Republic from the border with Slovakia (Mosty u Jablunkova) through Ostrava, Olomouc, Pardubice and Praha up to the state border with the Federal Republic of Germany (Cheb). Besides the lines mentioned above, other lines leading to the junction are the ones from direction Klatovy and Žatec.

The junction reconstruction schedule was prepared in a way so that each partial construction constitutes a stand-alone functional unit that can be implemented together with other constructions or in a close time succession. In this way, the total reconstruction period can take as little time as possible.

”I am pleased that we are able to observe the construction schedule as set in advance. It is certainly good news not only for the inhabitants of Plzeň, even with respect to a certain discomfort and transport complications necessarily related to such an extensive construction. In case of longer delays between each phase, the modernisation would also get immoderately expensive“, says Mr. Mojmír Nejezchleb, Deputy Director General of SŽDC for Infrastructure Modernisation.

 ”The main asset of the construction which is currently under way is a reconstruction of the southern part of Plzeň Main Station including platforms and a reconstruction of Mikulášská bridges. Complicated works in the city centre put professional skills of our personnel to the test as they must also take into account potential unexploded air bombs from the end of World War II. I believe that positive changes after the construction’s completion will make up current restrictions to the travelling public”, says Mr. Pavel Pilát, Director General of Metrostav on behalf of the association of suppliers.


The project Junction Plzeň, 1st construction is currently in its final implementation phase. The modernisation deals especially with reconstruction of the Prague station head* at the passenger station including its Northern part and platforms as well as construction of the central signal box ”Triangl“.

The ongoing construction Junction Plzeň, 2nd construction was launched in December 2016. It has especially as an objective a reconstruction of the passenger station at Plzeň hlavní nádraží. This stage is presumed to be completed in 2019. From substantial parts we can name a reconstruction of the Southern part of the passenger station including platforms, an extension of the supply tunnel, a reconstruction of the Cheb station head and Mikulášská bridges. Roads and the station forecourt including extensive modifications of the entire infrastructure are also going to be dealt with. Street width will be increased considerably under the new bridges. The current tram line will acquire separate earthwork, the road will get two traffic lanes in both directions, a new bicycle path and pavements will also be built. Works on infrastructure relocation on Mikulášská Street are under way as well as preparatory works for dismantling the Northern bridge construction. Other works concern the dismantling of the current railway superstructure in the Northern part of the trackage and necessary catenary and signalling equipment adaptations. Works also started on a construction of reserve sidings for passenger train-sets’ treatment.

The project Junction Plzeň, 3rd construction is in a preparation stage. This part of the junction construction includes especially a modernisation of a crossing of two lines of Rail Transit Corridor III in direction Plzeň – Cheb and the line Plzeň – Domažlice – state border with Germany. The relocation of the current road I/26 is also a necessary preparatory construction to allow relocation of the Domažlice railway line. The new road is designed as a two-way and two-lane one.

The last two constructions necessary for a final completion of the modernisation of the whole Plzeň Main Station are in a preparation stage. These are the projects Junction Plzeň, 4th construction the preparation and launch of which depends on the final result of the hump yard concept on the Czech railway network being currently elaborated and Junction Plzeň, 5th construction which deals with parts of the railway station with exit to České Budějovice, and opening a railway stop Plzeň-Slovany. On the other hand, the railway stop Plzeň-Koterov will be closed.

As railway infrastructure reconstruction will continue, SŽDC is going to start preparations for a complex reconstruction of the station building as well. This will include repairs of the building cladding, roof and windows. All underground facilities will be relocated, operating premises will be also reconstructed. The background for passengers will acquire a respectable shape as well.

”Based on the completion of the structurally technical and historical survey, we are going to prepare criteria for opening a tender for project documentation concerning a comprehensive reconstruction of the Plzeň Main Station passenger building in the coming weeks. We would like to launch repairs with costs estimated approximately to a half a billion CZK after 2020. We want to suggest the construction to be co-financed from EU funds“, says Mr. Jiří Stuna, Director of the Passenger Railway Stations Administration Plzeň.


Schedule for each construction:

Junction Plzeň, 1st construction, reconstruction of Prague station head, implementation 2014–2017
Junction Plzeň, 2nd construction, station reconstruction including Mikulášská bridges, 2016–2019
Junction Plzeň, 3rd construction, relocation of Domažlice railway line, assumed implementation 2017–2020
Junction Plzeň, 4th construction, reconstruction of Žatec station head, assumed implementation 2020–2022
Junction Plzeň, 5th construction, Lobzy – Koterov nádraží, assumed implementation 2018–2020.


Junction Plzeň, 2nd construction basic technical data:

Line speed for passage in direction Transit Rail Corridor III: 80 kph.
Length of newly embedded rails: 5.5 kilometres
31 completely new switches
35 newly safeguarded switches
24 switches newly equipped with electrical heating
New catenary will be 17.4 km long
New platform edges 1.1 km long
New underpass with a length of 29 metres
Luggage tunnel with a length of 39 metres.


* track lead at station entrance and exit


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