Riding through Brno railway junction southern part is faster and more comfortable


Modřice, 7 April 2016 – Today, the Railway Infrastructure Administration festively completed modernisation of the line section Modřice - Brno-Horní Heršpice. The main asset of the project is especially a line speed increase and moreover higher comfort and safety for passengers.

Modernisation of the line section Modřice - Brno-Horní Heršpice which is part of the Brno railway junction included reconstruction of the railway superstructure and substructure, modernisation of the traction power supply and the catenary and last but not least increasing line speed.

”One of the biggest assets of this modernisation on the South Moravia corridor was a considerable line speed increase up to 160 kph. This is a prerequisite for shortening journey times which will be certainly appreciated by passengers “, said Mr. Pavel Surý, Director General of the Railway Infrastructure Administration.

Works on the railway line approximately three kilometres long also included enhancing safety factors. ”We have reconstructed the level crossing at Modřice which is now secured by barriers with four warning signals, thus ensuring a considerable safety increase. Construction works included modernisation of safety and communication equipment as well“, specified Mr. Jindřich Topol, Executive Director of the Skanska company.

Total costs of the construction designated as Modernisation of the line section Modřice (outside) – Brno Horní Heršpice (outside) amounted up to 242,665,286 CZK (VAT excluded). The project was proposed for co-financing by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport with a planned amount from the Cohesion Fund reaching up to 180,543,017 CZK. National financing was provided by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. The construction’s supplier was the company Skanska a. s.

Construction Designation Modernisation of the line section Modřice (outside) – Brno Horní Heršpice outside)
Construction Investor Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organisation
Supplier Skanska a. s.
Term of launch 02/2015
Term of completion 11/2015
Total construction costs 242,665,286 CZK (VAT excluded)
EU planned contribution 180,543,017 CZK


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