Railway Workers Will Support Movember Again


The period of November is characterized by the leaves falling and the gradual arrival of winter. In the recent years, however, this month and its end in particular is also known thanks to “removing the moustache”.  The charitable event MOVEMBER is a worldwide action taking place several last years in the Czech Republic as well. The railway employees associated in the group with a peculiar name Drážňáci (Railway Workers) will support this charity again.

Movember is a composition of two English words (Moustache and November). It is one of the worldwide charitable activities to support the fight against cancer. Unlike other similar events, it focuses only on men, particularly the prostate cancer. It threatens men in particular of age between 40-70 years. "There is a lot of people of this age group among railwaymen. Therefore, we have decided to support this action and continue to spread the awareness of men's health repeatedly," Mr Jiří Kolář, Drážnáci Group's initiator leading the Railway Authority, explains. In addition to the employees of the Railway Authority, the railway organizations employing tens of thousands of railwaymen, in particular Správa železniční dopravní cesty and the national carrier České dráhy, support Movember as well.

Both organizations are also trying to draw attention of the general public to this charity. That is why České dráhy came up with a unique idea. One of the train-sets of the favorite Pendolino train is decorated with a fitting moustache on its head. "By Pendolino decorated with a moustache, we draw not only the attention of passengers, but our employees as well. By doing this, we want to promote the idea that a preventive medical examination is definitely in place. Sooner rather than later," Mr Pavel Krtek, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General of České dráhy, is adding his words thereto. A decorated 680.005 Pendolino train, being the first passing the rejuvenation, will ride for the first time on November 1st. At the end of its journey, the moustache will be traditionally removed.

It will be not only passengers whose attention will also be drawn to the Movember's charitable activity by Správa železniční dopravní cesty. Specially designed posters to be distributed in almost 300 railway stations throughout the country were prepared by the latter. A Pivrnec drawing of the famous Czech cartoonist Petr Urban is dominating the poster. Pavel Surý, Director General of SŽDC strongly supports the action by adding: "In our case, professional firefighters will also take part in the action visibly. About 100 rescuers will let their moustache grown during the month. They will wear it glued on their firefighting helmets symbolically as well. This decoration will also appear on the masks of about 20 firefighting vehicles. In addition, we will ask all railway employees to participate in the preventive medical examination and contribute some Czech Crown to the research of this disease as well."

The meaning of this event does not consist only in letting alone the moustache grow and by doing this to allow pointing out the Movember, but also to make a financial contribution. The gains are devoted to the fight against cancer, particularly to its research. You can contribute by mean of the website https://cz.movember.com/en/ with Drážňáci having the address http://moteam.co/draznaci), or via the address www.muziprotirakovine.cz

The sponsorship of the activity in the Czech Republic is being made five years by the Foundation Men Against Cancer. The President of the Foundation is the Associate Professor Roman Zachoval, Ph.D., Urology Senior Doctor of Thomayer Hospital in Prague. He notes that raising the public awareness is still needed: "The society is informed more and more and that is good. However, this is not sufficient enough. Even today, one quarter of prostate cancer cases is diagnosed unfortunately too late."



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