Reconstruction of the distribution station in Nedakonice comes to the second stage


Přerov / Nedakonice, 21 March 2013 - The Railway Infrastructure Administration inaugurated today the second stage in the reconstruction of the traction substation on the distribution station in Nedakonice. The works amounting nearly 54 million Czech crowns will be performed by Signalbau company and they will last till August 2014.



The traction substation and the 110 kV substation was built in 1985. It is an important point on Corridor 2 which feeds domestic and international railway transport on both Czech traction systems (3 kV DC and 25 kV AC, 50 Hz). The originally installed technical equipment is now unsuitable and due to its obsolescence it cannot be maintained in a fully functional state.

In 2008 a reconstruction of current transformers and high voltage was made first in order to maintain their operability. The realization of the subsequent structure will reduce costs of operation, maintenance and elimination of environmental burdens at the distribution station area. Installation of a modern equipment also provides remote operation control from the control stations in Brno and Přerov.

The construction includes reconstruction of high voltage equipment in each field as well as the insulator fittings connecting line, the earthing system and related cable distribution frame. The technological part of the distribution station 110 kV will be adapted to the system of control and management, own-consumption technology and also the connection to the long-distance control technology, including transmission through fibre-optic ways to the relevant control stations.

The construction part consists of adapting steel constructions of the voltage field, footings, cable channels and transformers´ stations, including the wiring. The station of existing transformers will be roofed and rainfall will be drained off to the newly built soakage pit. The existing oil catch pit at individual stations will be reconstructed to emergency wells in order to catch the oil from transformers and at the same time to replace the current oil catch pit.

Reconstruction will be also made on the existing graveled part of the distribution station, panel areas round the building and the fencing.

The project is co-financed under the Operational Programme Transport from the Cohesion Fund of the European Union. National resources were provided by the State Transport Infrastructure Fund.


Construction Designation  
Project client Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC)
General designer SUDOP Praha a.s.
Contractor SIGNALBAU a.s.
Location Corridor 2, section Břeclav – Přerov, km 131,9
Place Railway station Nedakonice
Feed station 3 kV DC; 25 kV AC, 50Hz
Long-distance control Elektrodispečink Brno a Přerov
Start date January 2013
Date of completion August 2014
Total construction costs 84 233 000 CZK
Own investments (VAT excluded) 53 970 614 CZK (tendered price of contractor)



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