Festive Launch of the reconstruction of the railway station Nesovice, II part


Nesovice, 30/06/2010 – The reconstruction of the yard at the railway station Nesovice has been officially launched. This station lies on the railway line No. 341, in the section between Bučovice and Nemotice in the South-Moravian Region. The objective of the construction is the upgrade of the current yard and technological facilities. The construction also includes two new barrier-free platforms, the reconstruction of bridge structures and a level crossing. The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization.

The construction work will also deal with the demolition of signal boxes 1 and 2 which will become redundant after the installation of the electronic interlocking. From the technological perspective, the construction will also involve the upgrade of the current line and level crossing safety installation, electric fire and safety installation as well as necessary modifications in the field of heavy current including a new electric connection. All technological facilities will also allow the operation of the integrated trans-European railway system. The reconstruction of the railway station Nesovice can be considered a challenging section due to the parallel communication I/50. The construction work will proceed in a dense industrial and residential built-up area.

The contractor of the construction is the Association „NESOVICE 2009“, represented by the members SEŽEV – REKO, a.s. (Chief member of the association) and AŽD Praha s.r.o. The project was developed by MTPKH Brno.

„The reconstruction of the railway station Nesovice, II part“ shall be co-funded by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport. The total costs of the station reconstruction are estimated at CZK 171,697,000 without VAT DPH. The contribution from the Cohesion Fund is expected to be CZK 145,942,000, which represents 85.00 % of the eligible costs of the project. The remaining part is co-funded from national resources through the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure.

Basic information on the construction  
Name of the construction: Reconstruction of the railway station Nesovice, II part,
Investor: Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization,
Civil Engineering Administration Olomouc
Developer: Zdeněk Štěpán, Measurement of technical parameters of railway tracks
Contractor: „Association Nesovice 2009“ represented by companies SEŽEV – REKO a.s.
(chief member) and AŽD Praha s.r.o. (member of the association)
Implementation: 15. 2. 2010 – 31. 1. 2011
Location: Railway line No. 341, section Bučovice - Nemotice;
South-Moravian Region, cadastral territory of Nesovice


Capacity-related data on the construction:  
Number of reconstructed switches: 7
Length of the reconstructed track with new material: 2 174 m
Length of the reconstructed track with applied material: 168 m
Length of new platforms: 540 m
New level crossing: 1
Reinforced concrete bridge structure: 1
Lighting masts: 27
Electric switch heating: 5
Pre-heating post: 2
Protection of switch units: 9
Mast signals: 17
Ground signals: 5
Axle counter sensors: 19

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