On Sunday the closure at Brno Main Station ends, passengers will start using new platforms


Prague, 8 September 2016 – On this Sunday, the three-month traffic restriction at Brno Hlavní nádraží (Brno Main Station) is going to an end. Since June. Správa železniční dopravní cesty (the Czech Railway Infrastructure Administration) was repairing platforms No 2 and 3, adjoining tracks, the catenary over these and the bridge over Špitálka Street. Repairs required financial costs amounting almost up to CZK 92 million. The summer restriction’s completion at Brno Hlavní nádraží will be also livened up by the popular song „Hvězdy jsou jak sedmikrásky nad Brnem“ (Stars Like Daisies Above Brno), returning as the station’s musical theme.

”Necessary repairs of platforms at Brno Hlavní nádraží required quite a few traffic restrictions, that is why is concentrated on months during summer with a usually lower passenger frequency. All works are near completion now and should allow finishing the restrictions as planned, that is this Sunday. As of Monday 12 September, trains will be also stopping at Platform No 3. Only finishing works with continue, however under full operation and without any restrictions for passengers”, explains Mr. Miroslav Konečný, Director of SŽDC Regional Directorate in Brno.

On both platforms, the asphalt concrete surface and base were removed and replaced by new concrete pavement. Adaptations for passengers with limited motion and orientation such as leading lines with a warning stripe function as well as other signalling and warning elements are obvious. Steel and cast-iron roofing was complexly reconstructed. In part it was exchanged, the remaining construction was remanufactured. Unsuitable cast-iron columns were replaced by exact replicas, the roof is quite new. The main objective was to preserve the original station’s look; the construction is attuned to a hue corresponding to the original building at the time of its creation. Completion works will also include nets against birds, installed on the ceiling.

Platform repairs included a solution of the orientation system for passengers with new information and orientation boards; Inscriptions with the station’s name and the lighting are new as well. Announcements are assured by modern speakers. Voice beacons with memory cards will facilitate travelling to sightless passengers.

Construction works involved the main underpass too. Besides necessary cable repairs, bearing construction isolation was renewed, inner plasters were saved, anti-graffiti was painted. Stairs underwent adaptations as well. By building an additional step, water in-leak into the underpass will be eliminated. Railing was also completely exchanged.

Together with platforms, adjoining tracks were repaired; rails, sleepers and track fittings were exchanged. A service crossing was reconstructed as well as platform objects for train dispatchers and the railway bridge over Špitálka Street, taking up the first stage of repairs. Waterproof bridge isolation was completed together with repairs of new front and retaining walls’ upper parts. The bridge superstructure and abutments were saved.

The complex reconstruction of Platform No 2 and 3 will be celebrated symbolically by the Sunday revival of the “Daisies” song. ”We were pleased to participate in this comeback of the popular musical theme ”Hvězdy jsou jak sedmikrásky nad Brnem (Stars Like Daisies Above Brno)‘ to our main station,  thus meeting multiple requests of Brno citizens who were missing it almost for two years. We have arranged all essentials together with the company KORDIS JMK, so that starting this Sunday, the song will liven up again all announcements on departing and arriving trains”, adds SŽDC Brno Region Director Mr. Miroslav Konečný.


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