Construction of the transfer terminal Nové Údolí


Nové Údolí, 18 August 2011 – The construction – though small of its extent, it is of great importance – has been co-funded by the European Union under the Programme of Cross-Border Cooperation Objective 3 – the Czech Republic – Bavaria 2007 – 2013, lasted less than 3 months and has been festively completed today. The investor of this project is the Railway Infrastructure Administration(SŽDC), state organization (the Civil Engineering Administration Pilsen). The contractor of the construction is the company EDIKT a.s. and the project documentation has been developed by SUDOP Projekt Plzeň a.s.






The construction of the transfer terminal is part of the development of the tourist industry within the cross-border cooperation among the regions of the Czech Republic, Bavaria and Austria called the Tourist Transport Network: the Danube – Ilz – Vltava. Its first part implemented through the EU Objective 3 Funds was the project „Revitalisation of the railway line Pasov –Waldkirchen – Freyung“ completed in 2011. Following the resolution of the municipal council, the partner of this part of the project was (as well as in this case) the South-Bohemian Region. Other parts of the project focused on the development of the public cross-border transport and on interlinking the cycle-way network.       

„The meaningfulness and concurrence of the projects is one of the basic principles of SŽDC´s decision-making process concerning the development of the railway infrastructure of the Czech Republic“, says Ing. Pavel Habarta, MBA, SŽDC´s Executive Director and adds: „The construction included the extension of the current platform, the installation of a new lighting system, setting-up shelters over a part of the platform, installation of a new ramp for disabled citizens, a canopy, bus turning places, necessary landscaping and surface stabilisation. The main reason for the implementation of the aforementioned construction is to ensure the cross-border transport and therefore a compromise has been offered in the form of the combined bus and train transport between the Czech and German area“.

Nové Údolí na Šumavě is one of the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic. It lies on the state border with Germany, at an altitude of over 800 metres. It used to be a busy cross-border village; today, except for one cottage you can find just the ex-customs office for hikers and a small romantic railway station.

It was the railway that transformed Nové Údolí into its current shape – a busy tourist destination visited by lots of tourists from the Czech Republic and from abroad. The construction of the transfer terminal on the Czech-German borderland has contributed to enhanced quality and subsequent increase of the tourist trade in this attractive location of the South-Bohemian Region.

Despite the attempts to revitalize the railway in its original historical form a few years ago (the line was cancelled after World War II), the train stop Nové Údolí stands for the end of the regional single-track line Číčenice – Volary – Nové Údolí. The extension of the train stop has been called for by the increased public interest in the attractive tourist cross-border area on the territory of the National Park and the Protected Landscape Area – the Bohemian Forest (Šumava). The bus bridge will be replaced by the previous train connection between Nové Údolí and Waldkirchen in the Federal Republic of Germany and besides the tourist trade it is to enhance further regional cross-border cooperation between the Czech Republic and Bavaria. The implementation of the construction allowed the launch of the still non-existent public cross-border transport between the South-Bohemian Region and Lower Bavaria. 

The follow-up bus service is coordinated with the timetables of the Czech Railways, joint-stock company and the Ilztalbahn and it will be provided through four couples of connections at the weekends in the tourist season (in summer 2011 until the end of September). Selected types of tickets are mutually accepted on the trains of the Czech Railways, follow-up buses as well as on the Ilztalbahn trains. More detailed information is available on the website


Základní parametry stavby  
Platform extended 20 m
Platform edge modified 8 m
New platform edge - total length 108 m
Platform canopy 15 m
Shelter for passengers 1
Bus turning place 1

This project has been co-funded by the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development at the amount of 85% of the cost, under the programme of cross-border cooperation Objective 3 – the Czech Republic – Bavaria 2007 – 2013. The national co-funding for this project has been provided by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. The expenses of the terminal construction total nearly CZK 5 million.




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