A Reconstruction Allowed Increasing Capacity of the Line Nymburk - Mladá Boleslav


Správa železniční dopravní cesty festively completed extensive construction works on the railway line Nymburk – Mladá Boleslav. The main asset of this project was increasing infrastructure capacity on one of the most heavily used single-track lines on the territory of the Czech Republic, ensuring smoother rail transport and improving safety and comfort for passengers.

The project included construction adaptations that observe the required speed increase at operating points up to 100 kph and building a new line and station signalling and safety equipment in the section Luštěnice – Mladá Boleslav hlavní nádraží. A new overtaking station Bezděčín has been established which allowed to insert more freight trains’ routes and helped reaching smooth passage of train-sets.

The line capacity increase was also reached by extending useful lengths of running tracks at stations Luštěnice-Újezd and Dobrovice up to 650 m which allowed extending freight trains to 610 - 630 m. Platforms with a height of 550 mm above the top of rail were built at reconstructed stations with barrier-free access for passengers. Moreover, trains stop closer to the village at the new Luštěnice stop.

Signalling and safety equipment has been modernised including the information system for passengers in the whole line section. The line was equipped with electronic line and station safety equipment Category 3 with remote control from the traffic control centre at Mladá Boleslav.

In accordance with the global objective of Operational Programme Transport Priority Axis 1, which is an improvement of railway transport on the Trans-European Transport Network TEN-T, transport availability was increased and infrastructure capacity was ensured as well as railway operation quality for a prospective transport extent.

Total estimated costs of the construction designated as Increasing capacity of the line Nymburk - Mladá Boleslav, Construction 1 equalled CZK 945,901,526 (VAT excluded). The project was approved for co-financing by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport with a planned contribution amount from the Cohesion Fund reaching up to CZK 729,440,278. National financing was assured by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure.


Construction Designation Increasing Capacity of the Line Nymburk – Mladá Boleslav, Construction 1
Construction Investor Správa železniční dopravní cesty, státní organizace
Supplier Association Zkapacitnění Nymburk – Mladá Boleslav,
leading member AŽD Praha s.r.o.,
association members TSS Grade a.s. and Swietelsky Rail CZ s.r.o.
Term of launch 11/2015
Term of completion 05/2017
Total construction costs CZK 945,901,526 (VAT excluded)
Approved EU contribution CZK 729,440,278



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