Train operation renewed on the railway line Pečky – Kouřim as of 28 June already


Prague, 25 June 2014 – The Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) is currently finishing repairs of the line from Pečky to Kouřim, impassable for more than a year. On this occasion, special historical rides of trains and buses will take places on Saturday 28 June on the lines Pečky – Bošice – Kouřim and Bošice – Bečváry. Besides Ropid and SŽDC companies, their organisers are also the carriers KŽC Doprava and OAD Kolín.

The interruption of operation on this railway line was caused by an extremely fast flood last year in June. Surging water caused a wash-out of the subgrade; track geometry was distorted on many places. One railway bridge was also severely damaged. Therefore the Railway Infrastructure Administration carried out an extensive track repair of middle complexity for a price amounting 48 Mio CZK. Financing will be assured by the European Union by means of its flood funds.

A day long programme lasting approximately from 11 AM till 5 PM can be a pleasant celebration of school holidays start both for small and for older children. Historical trains and buses will meet in Bošice where a special refreshment car “Bixovna” will be shunted. A historical train will compete with a bus on the Bošice – Kouřim line. Pečky can be comfortably reached from Prague by the S1 train line which starts from Masaryk Station each hour (departure 15 minutes past the hour).

Pursuant to ČD and KŽC Doprava Tariff, rides in historical trains (or PID Tariff in historical buses), are free.

List of historical vehicles on Saturday 28 June 2014:

  • Locomotive Series 721 ”Hector“ + 2× trailer Bix
  • Diesel car Series 851 „Crocodile“ + trailer Bmx
  • Diesel car Series 830 ”Sixty-two“
  • Diesel car Series 810 „Orchestrina“ with retro paint

Bus Škoda 706 RTO (roofless in case of nice weather)


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