Project of TSI-TAF implementation in SŽDC´s information systems festively introduced during an expert seminar


Prague, 12th March 2012 – the Railway Infrastructure Administration festively introduced
„TSI-TAF implementation in SŽDC´s information systems“ during an expert seminar. The implementation of the project will substantially contribute to the fulfilment of the below-mentioned goals. Besides the basic umbrella objective, i.e. the obligation to meet the requirements in line with EC Regulation No. 62/2006 in compliance with TSI-TAF, more partial goals are included in TSI-TAF requirements or other indirect ones result from the fulfilment.



The basic eliciting element and the umbrella objective of the project is the process of telematic application harmonization in the Czech Republic with the European modification in the area of railway freight transport. The request for harmonization and its technical specification result from EC Regulation 62/2006/ES on the technical specifications for interoperability of the subsystem for telematic applications in the freight transport of the trans-European conventional railway system (hereinafter referred to as „TSI-TAF“). The regulations are obligatory and immediately applicable in each EU member state and with no need of their transposition in the legal system of the member state. The project thus essentially contributes to the implementation of this requested harmonization in the area of railway freight transport in the Czech Republic since the innovation of processes within SŽDC as the infrastructure administrator is crucial at the national level.

Levelling the difference within the system of railway freight transport management in the Czech Republic will generally help to promote the significance and the reputation of this type of transportation and the related services in the Czech Republic. This will result in higher demand for the railway freight transport with positive lucrative effects as well as indirectly in a positive impact on the environment. The implementation of the project will thus affect the economic area. It will lead to enhanced competitiveness of the railway freight transport in the Czech Republic through other partial reasons for the project implementation, principally of technical nature, which are the enhancement of safety, speed and continuity of the operation, the optimization of traffic control and higher reliability by applying new technologies while reducing operating and maintenance costs and enhancing the carrying capacity of lines.

There is interaction among the reasons for the project implementation – telematics measures/innovation will stimulate the enhancement of the competitiveness and the related positive economic impact, they will contribute to good reputation of the railway freight transport in the Czech Republic and last but not least they will draw part of the demand from the road freight transport.

The current state of the planning and management system of the railway freight transport is determined by historical development of the system; it is insufficient in terms of route preparation, the journey itself as well as the data storage. The system “falls behind“ the EU standard, thus  not complying with the requirements according to TSI-TAF. The data management system demonstrates high involvement of human factor (manual data entries, data pass-on by telephone, low electronic processing of data and information etc.), slow or delayed data transmission, the systems are not logically interconnected, data records show duplicates etc.

The afore-mentioned problematic aspects also interfere in the economic aspect – they reduce the competitiveness of the railway freight transport from the international perspective (towards neighbouring states), as well as in terms of competitive forms of freight transport. The main competitor is the road transport, which is undesirable especially from the environmental perspective. For SŽDC, the lower share of freight transport is then reflected in the form of lower path capacity allocation charges and track access charges.

The project implementation from the perspective of individual subjects can be justified as follows, whereas the reasons affect one another:

  • SŽDC, freight carriers and the Czech Republic – enhancement of the competitiveness of the railway freight transport, reputation of the railway freight transport in the Czech Republic, enhanced demand, operating/technical benefits, efficient competitiveness towards road transport and
  • EU – interconnection of the planning and management systems, the opportunity to utilize the Czech railway network in a more efficient and simple way on operating/telematic conditions applied within the EU, an anticipated positive impact on the environment.

These partial goals overlap, affect one another and it would be beneficial to fulfil them even if there were no obligation to harmonize the systems, for they lead to enhanced competitiveness and to other positive externalities.


Basic general goals

  • Extension and quality enhancement of traffic on TEN-T railway network
  • Ensuring the implementation of TSI applications of the European conventional railway system in the railway system of the Czech Republic, thus interconnecting the information and telecommunication systems of the railway network with the neighbouring network and at the same time interconnection within the Czech Republic – between SŽDC as the infrastructure operator and railway undertakings.
  • Innovation of SŽDC´s information and telecommunication systems to ensure their new functionality is fully in line with the European standards (bringing the Czech railway system close to the level defined by TSI-TAF/adapting parameters to EU standards).
  • Introduction of an integrated communication channel between infrastructure operators and carriers within the EU.
  • Standardization of the bonds between infrastructure operators and carriers.


The project is co-funded by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport from the Cohesion Fund in priority axis 1 – Modernization of TEN-T railway network, area of assistance 1.2. – Ensuring interoperability on current railway lines, harmonization with technical specifications for interoperability (TSI) and development of telematic systems (non-infrastructure part), program Interoperability in railway transport, Subprogram 127 333 – Implementation of the subsystem telematics – TSI telematic applications in freight transport of the trans-European conventional railway system (hereinafter referred to as „TSI-TAF“).

The cost of the project totals CZK 72,360,000. The project has been approved to be co-funded by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Transport. The maximum level of OPT assistance is CZK 25,436,250, which represents 42.50 % of the eligible cost. The rest is co-funded from national resources through the state budget and SŽDC´s funds.

The contractors of individual project parts are AŽD Praha s. r. o., Institut Jana Pernera o. p. s. and OLTIS Group a. s. According to the time schedule, the project shall be finalized in December 2012.


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