Revitalisation of the line Brno – Jihlava begins. Buses will be operating part of the line till December.


Třebíč, 29 July 2016 – Správa železniční dopravní cesty (the Czech Railway Infrastructure Administration) started revitalising a substantial part of the railway line No 240. Construction works will take place in the 45.6 km long line section Zastávka u Brna – Krahulov. In this connection, a continuous line closure started today between railway stations Náměšť nad Oslavou and Okříšky for a period up to 8 December 2016.   

”The objective of construction works is an improvement of travelling comfort, a line speed increase with shorter journey times as well as higher safety at railway crossings. Reconstruction will concern Třebíč railway station and the railway stops Vysoké Popovice, Vladislav and Třebíč-Borovina“, says Mr. Viktor Vlk, Deputy Director of the SŽDC Civil Engineering Administration East. He also adds that after the construction’s completion, the railway stations and stops mentioned above will comply with current and prospective requirements of passenger transport ordering parties; building new roofed platforms will be an asset for passengers as well.

Increasing line speed up to 100 kph will be reached by a track geometry modification and increasing transverse superelevation in curves. In some railway sections, reconstruction of the railway superstructure and rehabilitation of the railway substructure will be carried out as well. Safeguarding of railway crossings being a restrictive speed factor in some sections will be increased. Higher operation safety will be strengthened by new signalling equipment.

Total estimated investment costs of the construction designated as Revitalisation of the line Okříšky – Zastávka u Brna amount to CZK 248,000,000 (VAT excluded). The project will be submitted for co-financing by the European Union from its Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Transport – OPT 2. Financing from national resources will be provided by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. The construction’s supplier is the company STRABAG Rail a.s.

While this year construction works will focus on the section Náměšť nad Oslavou - Krahulov, next year builders will move to a connecting part of the line Zastávka u Brna - Náměšť nad Oslavou. However, some repair works will also require a continuous line closure in this section up to 12 August this year. All works should be completed at the end of next June.


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