Trains in Olomouc Main Station will be able to brake right at platforms thanks to reconstruction


Olomouc, 14 October 2013 – The important rail junction point Olomouc will be undergoing extensive reconstruction in the three years to follow. It will include i.a. adaptation of the set of tracks which will enable speed increase up to 160 km/h. Trains will therefore be able to ride as fast as on already modernized adjacent line sections and will start braking practically right at platforms. One of our most busy railway stations will moreover acquire another island-type platform. These are only some of the improvements of the construction having been festively started today by the Railway Infrastructure Administration.



A complex reconstruction of main and passing tracks will take place at Olomouc main Station, all current platforms including roofing will be modernized with their boarding edges in a standard height of 550 millimetres above the rail. The station’s capacity will be increased by a new fifth platform. Besides lengthening of the old underpass, access to it will be ensured also by a prepared exit from the second underpass that has been connecting for several years already the whole railway station with the mass urban transport terminal and the Hodolany city part. Barrier-free access to all island-type platforms will be assured by new elevators, passengers will also appreciate general reconstruction of the old underpass.

A change of some station tracks’ position will bring increased comfort to passengers. The second platform will thus serve exclusively to trains in the direction Česká Třebová – Přerov which will enable passengers to change comfortably from a higher category train into a lower one and vice versa without the necessity to pass between platforms. The third platform will have a similar use, offering the same services for trains in the direction Ostrava (Přerov) – Prague. It will be thus possible during traffic peaks to dispatch in the station at the same time four trains on the main corridor line and seven more in the remaining directions, that is 11 trains altogether.

A track solution will enable a speed up to 160 km/h on the main station tracks, in the passenger station the speed will be decreased down to 140 km/h. On other tracks, trains will be able to ride with a speed of 40 - 60 km/h. Calmer riding will be assured by new railway superstructure including continuous welded rails. Its construction will ensure a safe ride of the rail vehicle with a highest set axle load of 22.5 tonnes. 96 switches in total will acquire electrical heating for smooth operation even during the winter period.

An important part of the construction is modernization of bridges and culverts situated in the given section. Train paths to all directions will be secured by new station safety equipment (electronic signal box) that will enable together with adaptations mentioned above a maximum speed allowed. A new type of safety equipment will be also installed on two railway crossings.

The construction includes also modernization of the overhead line in the whole station and communication equipment including new telecommunication installations; a new automated system of traffic control technology will be constructed as well. Current departure and arrival panels will be exchanged for new ones and a new information system for passengers will be established in the station. A new colour camera system for better traffic control will be installed to follow platform boarding edges and underpasses, another one will simplify shunting control.

The construction is proposed for co-financing by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund within the Operational Programme Transport. The total support amount equals 83.1% from eligible expenses. The remaining part is co-financed by national resources by the intermediary of the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. The supplier is an association of companies OHL ŽS and Alpine Bau CZ.


Construction Designation Reconstruction of Railway Station Olomouc
Construction Investor Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization
General Designer MORAVIA CONSULT Olomouc, a.s.
Supplier Association REŽOL: OHL ŽS, a.s., and ALPINE Bau CZ s.r.o.
Speed in tracks No 201 and 202 – 160 km/h, No 1 and 2 – 140 km/h
Start and end of construction

km 83.422 direction Česká Třebová,
km 204.850 direction Přerov

Length of tracks 16,777 m
Term of start 09/2013
Term of finishing 08/2016
Total construction costs 3.110.985,094 CZK
Own investments (VAT excluded) 1.894.181,346 CZK (tendered price of the supplier)



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