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Projects co-funded by the European Union help to develop the railway infrastructure in the Czech Republic

Prague, 22nd December 2009 – The end of 2009 is approaching and this offers good opportunity to highlight achievements within the modernization of the railway infrastructure in the Czech Republic. It is also important to mention constructions which would be difficult to implement without the aid of the Operational Program Transport that allows co-funding of these projects by the European Union through the Cohesion Fund.

Throughout 2009 you were informed particularly about main constructions on railway corridors (III Corridor: Beroun - Zbiroh, Zbiroh - Rokycany or IV Corridor: Doubí u Tábora - Tábor). Under the big constructions we should mention the ongoing implementation of another important section of the western branch of the III National railway corridor called Optimization of the railway section Stříbro - Planá u Mariánských Lázní

Among the corridor constructions it is necessary to mention the already launchedOptimization of the railway section Bystřice nad Olší – Český Těšín on the easter branch of III National railway corridor. The resulting parameters, or the common features of these constructions, mainly represent the enhanced line speed and load capacity, enhanced safety of the railway operation and last but not least better comfort for passengers.

Underway is also the construction Modernization of the railway section Votice – Benešov, a section of IV National railway corridor Prague – Horní Dvořiště, state border. New parameters can be expected on another section of IV Corridor thanks to the construction called Optimization of the railway section Benešov (inclusive) – Strančice.

The Reconstruction of the railway station Přerov, 1st construction (costs of CZK 4 888 643 760) will turn this railway station into a completely new shape relevant to the 21st century, both in terms of the railway operation safety and the comfort and service for passengers. The EU co-funding will allow modernization of the whole railway station; especially track layout, signalling and communication equipment and better comfort for passengers. At the station there will be a completely new underpass, lifts and up-to-date information and navigation systems.

The construction Electrification of the railway section Zábřeh – Šumperk (CZK 1 574 977 229) is practically completed. Since the new train traffic timetable, electric trains have been operated on this over 13 km-long section – unquestionable aspect is the ecological benefit and we succeeded in enhancing the line speed to 100 km/h. Even the train stops and stations on the line underwent adequate modification. The platform edge is now 550 mm over the top of the rail to allow an easier entry and exit for passengers.

Among smaller projects – but also expected to be significantly co-funded by the European Union – let’s mention the ongoing construction called Reconstruction of the railway station Nesovice, II Part. (CZK 204 319 430). As the name already reveals, it involves the second part of the reconstruction of Nesovice railway station. Also, the reconstruction of Nesovice railway station, the Ist construction was significantly supported by the funds from the Operational Programme Transport. The purpose of the construction is to improve inconvenient constructional-technical conditions of station tracks, switches and signalling equipment on Nemotice station head of Nesovice railway station. The construction will include reconstruction of the superstructure, which will result in enhanced line speed in the main station tracks from 80 km/h to 90 km/h. At the station the current earth platforms will be replaced with new platforms with a platform edge of 550 mm over the top of the rail. The construction also includes power distribution and station lighting. The safety and signalling equipment at the railway station Medovice will be installed, incl. an approach to the adjoining railway section to Bučovice and at the railway station Bučovice. The level crossing on km 40,188 will be reconstructed – there will be a new level crossing safety installation with electronic elements, the level crossing structure will be made of full-rubber panels with the communication approach. At a distance of 2,5 m from the level crossing edge there will be a pedestrian crossing linked to pavements. The level crossing protection and modifications on the pedestrian crossing for people with disabled orientation will further enhance the safety. The European Union will contribute 85% of the eligible costs of the construction for the reconstruction of Nesovice railway station, II Part.

Another construction which was launched this year and we want to inform about is the Reconstruction of the railway station Bojkovice incl. the reconstruction of the safety and signalling equipment. (CZK 290 302 880). The construction involves the reconstruction of the superstructure and substructure, building a two-sided platform with a platform edge of 233m and 150m length. Outside platform will be 70m long. The height of the platform edges is 550 mm over the top of the rail. The platform is provided with a barrier-free access through a central foot-crossing.

The station safety and signalling equipment will be upgraded to the 3rd category of electronic type, incl. successive railway sections and level crossing protection on km 130,014 and 129,619. In the end, we bring you information about a construction launched this year and which is called: Reconstruction of Střelenský Tunnel incl. track No. 1 and 2 km 22,48 - 23,61 and track No. 1 on km. 21,11 - 27,261 of the section Horní Lideč – state border SR (CZK 796 139 750). The double-track electrified line Hranice na Moravě - Púchov, integrated in the trans-European railway system TEN-T, runs in the section Horní Lideč – state border ČR/SR through a hilly terrain, i.e. on high embankments replaced with side-hill cuts. Alignment of the line is typical of a number of curves in superelevation and is limited by the terrain configuration. In the inter-station section there are a number of bridge structures, bridges and culverts. On km 23,122 to km 23,421 there is a double-track Střelenský tunnel with successive pre-cut retaining walls. The construction deals with the reconstruction of the track No. 1 on the section Púchov (SR) - Hranice na Moravě in the scope from km 21,085 (state border ČR/SR) to km 27,271, reconstruction of tracks No.1 and 2 in the section Střelenský Tunnel from km 22,480 to km 23,750, reconstruction of Střelenský Tunnel and reconstruction of platforms in the train stop Střelná. Together with the track reconstruction there will also be reconstruction of bridges, culverts and retaining walls. The construction also includes reconstruction of the contact line system in the section of track reconstruction and modifications of the signalling equipment, communication equipment, heavy-current technology and centralized track control. The project also deals with the preparation for the follow-up implementation of GSM-R and ETCS L2.

The aforementioned constructions are expected to be co-funded from the Cohesion Fund through the Operational Programme Transport at the amount of up to 85% of the eligible cost. More detailed information on the projects co-funded by the European Union is available at or

We wish you all a successful year 2010.

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