SŽDC Opened a Repaired Station Building in Grygov


The Grygov railway station near Olomouc was revived by a repaired station building. Construction works took more than three months and included repairs of the listed building’s exterior as well as renewal of its interior. Total investments amounted almost to CZK 3.4 million. The supplier of construction works was the company Hroší stavby Morava.

Among construction works on the external coat of the building we must mention especially repairs and completion of fair-face brickwork, replacing the original roofing by a new one in a blue-black shade with a smooth surface or adaptations of the stairs including a completion of missing parts by artificial stone.

Filling gaps was a demanding task indeed. ”While exchanging windows and doors, we had to respect the preservationists’ requests; windows and doors are made of wood, partly new and partly repaired“, says Mr. Tomáš Drmola, Deputy Director General of Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) for Assets Management. As far as adaptations of the passenger building interior are concerned, flooring was exchanged in the majority of the premises cladding and pavement is lavatories are new as well. Repairing plasters was not omitted either.

Grygov is situated on the railway line 270 Bohumín – Přerov – Česká Třebová. The passenger building consists of a bricked construction from fare-face brickwork with two floors above ground and one floor underground with a hipped and half-hipped roof. The building includes a dispatcher’s room, a technology room, a cash desk for tickets’ sale and lavatories for employees. We can find here also premises for passengers – a waiting room and public lavatories – and commercial space so far unused.

The passenger building in Grygov was finished in 1901 and did not change its shape substantially up to this day. In 1997, construction works took place consisting in building a new social background for passengers right inside the passenger building. In 2003, the original facade was repaired and cleaned; in the same year, the building was classified as a listed one

In Olomouc Region, reconstruction of a passenger building in Lipník nad Bečvou will also be completed this year. In the near future, construction works will start once again on the passenger building in Přerov as it was delayed by the masonry high humidity which was encountered while dismantling the external facade as well as by the necessity for subsequent adaptations of construction works which had to be approved by bodies of care for historical monuments. A selection of suppliers is under way as well for repairs of station buildings at Olomouc město (Olomouc-town) and Drahanovice.


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