SŽDC Launches Reconstructions of Large Passenger Buildings This Year


During the months to follow, Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) is going to launch repairs and reconstructions of dozens of passenger buildings throughout the whole Czech Republic. Besides many smaller projects, large investments for tens of millions Czech crowns are going to be implemented, such as reconstructions at Beroun, Praha-Smíchov or Havířov railway stations; the facade of the historical Fanta building at Praha-Hlavní nádraží (Prague Main Station) will be undergoing repairs as well.

”This year, we will also continue reconstructing buildings at railway stations. We have already repaired dozens of them upon acquiring their administration more than two years ago; more will be gradually repaired now. We will start repairs of large railway station buildings this year as well“, said Mr. Jiří Svoboda, Director General of SŽDC.

Probably the most closely watched projects will be repairs of the Fanta building facade at the largest Czech railway station and repairs of the building at Praha-Smíchov Station. The first of these projects will be launched in April for a price of CZK 171 million. Cost of repairs at Praha- Smíchov will amount to CZK 400 million, construction works should start during this summer. Repairs of the Fanta building will not include inner premises in any way; only the facade, windows and partly the roof are going to be repaired. At Praha-Smíchov Station, a complete reconstruction of the entire passenger building will take place with the objective of its maximal use, a boost in using its premises and improving travelling comfort. Among others, offers of complementary services for passengers will be added such as new commercial premises for a supermarket. In case of smooth building licence proceedings, works on reconstructing the former clinic in Jeseniova Street in Prague will also be launched.


Buildings in Beroun and Písek will be completely reconstructed

From other important investments to be launched this year, we can name the complete reconstruction of the passenger building in Beroun to be launched in July for a price of CZK 233 million. Construction works here will concentrate on modernization of the departure hall and the neighbouring administration building which will continue serving its purpose. The repaired offices will be manned by SŽDC employees. In autumn, construction works will be launched at Písek railway station where a complete reconstruction of the building is going to be implemented for a price of CZK 35 million. On the ground floor, new lavatories for passengers will be constructed. Administration premises and new parking places will be built here as well.


Reconstruction of the passenger building in Havířov to be the largest project in Moravia

In April already, reconstruction of the passenger building at Havířov railway station will start as the largest project implementation to be launched this year in Moravia. Not only the hall is going to be reconstructed but its left administration part as well with a new waiting room for passengers and a resting room for train crews. Inner premises of the station building will be offered to an external tenant. Costs of the reconstruction which will last approximately 24 months will equal CZK 138 million. Concurrently with the construction mentioned above, adaptations of the railway station forecourt will be carried out by the city of Havířov.

In Bohumín, the final phase of the passenger building reconstruction will start in September, having been launched by the original owner, i.e. České dráhy. Roof over a part of the building will be repaired as well as transport office premises including a background for employees and premises destroyed by fire in 2016.

An interesting project in Moravia will be a reconstruction of the station building in Hanušovice where a part of the current building is going to be demolished, the background for passengers will improve considerably and many other construction adaptations will be carried out.

In 2019, reconstruction of passenger buildings will also start i.a. at Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, Šternberk, Křižanov or Třebíč railway stations.

Besides these extensive investments, SŽDC will be implementing this year hundreds of smaller investments throughout the whole Czech Republic within repairs and maintenance of station and operation buildings. In Bohemia, we can mention e.g. repairs of the roof and underground utilities of the building at Praha-Holešovice, repairs of the roof and revitalization of public lavatories at Most, repairs of the roof and platform roofing at Český Krumlov or various construction works at Horažďovice, Velký Osek and Rumburk.

On the east of our country, repairs of station buildings will be carried out this year e.g. at Krnov, Vyškov na Moravě or Frýdek-Místek.


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