Správa železniční dopravní cesty Continues Repairing Dozens of Railway Station Buildings


This year, Správa železniční dopravní cesty started small repairs of five dozens of railway station buildings in the Hradec Králové, Liberec and Pardubice Region. Up to the end of the year, SŽDC will have invested more than 25 million Czech crowns. In most cases this concerns repairs of waiting rooms’ interiors, changing of windows and doors and a complete exchange of roof covering. The most expensive construction of the next year will be a repair of the glass roof over the passenger building hall in Hradec Králové for a sum of 35 million Czech crowns.

Compared to this fact, the most costly project of this year is completing reconstruction of the passenger building in Náchod. ”The construction was started in past years by České dráhy; at that time the dispatching hall was repaired as well as cash offices, some premises of commercial lease, lavatories for the public and parts of the facade. Finishing the construction financed by SŽDC comprises a complete reconstruction of the roof and the building facing, the platform roofing, fastened surfaces, finishing the windows and doors exchange, a small dispositional repair on the first floor and exchanging the steam pipping“, says Mr. Jaroslav Špína, Director of the Passenger Railway Stations’ Administration in Hradec Králové. ”This October, we handed over the building site to the supplier. The construction will be finished in July 2017“, specifies Mr. Špína.

In 2017, SŽDC plans to launch the following most important investments of railway station buildings repairs:

Repairing the glass roof over the passenger building hall in Hradec Králové
This concerns a general repair of the glassed-in roof over the passenger building hall which is in a critical condition. There are currently many water leaks in the building. Both the inner and the outer glass casing will be exchanged during roofing repairs of the saddle roof and horizontal ceilings. The original steel supporting structures will be treated with anti-corrosives and will be renovated. Repair works will also comprise eliminating some former insensitive repairs, e.g. dismantling the non-functional footbridge for glass cleaning. All works will be carried out during full operation only with restrictions for passengers walking through the hall. The estimated price for the complete reconstruction equals 35 million Czech crowns.


Completing reconstruction of the passenger building in Turnov
This construction was also launched in 2015 by the previous owner. After the transfer to SŽDC, the reconstruction will continue by repairs of the building’s facing, the platform roofing, finishing the windows and doors exchange and dispositional adaptations on the ground floor. The total estimated price equals 20 million Czech crowns.

Besides these extensive projects, SŽDC launched small repairs of dozens railway station buildings in 2016 which comprise mainly exchanges of windows and doors, repairs of lavatories and waiting rooms or adaptations of parking lots for passengers.

”Passengers can look forward e.g. to a nicer railway station in Liberec where windows will be exchanged for a price of 480 thousand Czech crowns. In Hlinsko, the building will acquire a new roof for 1.2 million Czech crowns. At Meziměstí railway station, inner plasters and paintings in the entrance hall will be completely exchanged and the platform roofing will be renovated. Karlov pod Ještědem will get a reconstructed waiting room besides new windows. The same repairs will be carried out in Hodkovice nad Mohelkou. We are preparing reconstruction project documents for buildings at railway stations Bartoušov, Semily, Nový Bydžov, Skalice u České Lípy, Zákupy, Blíževedly and Svor“, closes Mr. Jaroslav Špína, Director of the Passenger Railway Stations’ Administration at Hradec Králové.

As of 1 July 2016, SŽDC is the owner of 1,575 railway station buildings throughout the whole Czech Republic having purchased these from České dráhy for a sum of 3.31 billion Czech crowns. Contrary to the original owner, SŽDC will be able to draw financial resources for their repairs from EU funds as well. While preparing a list of buildings which need reconstruction the most urgently it took into consideration both the buildings’ technical state and the degree of reconstruction technical preparation as already elaborated by the original owner.


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