Renovation of Railway Stations in South Moravia Will Cost CZK 115 million


This year, along with the ongoing reconstruction of the Kuřim and Břeclav station buildings, Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) will carry out further extensive renovations in Modřice or Sokolnice-Telnice. At the same time, renovation projects for Mikulov Railway Station or station buildings in Ivanovice na Hané and Moravské Bránice will be launched. In total, SŽDC will spend almost CZK 115 million on repair and project works.

"In South Moravian Region, larger investment projects were launched at the end of last year and at the beginning of this year. The stations concerned were Kuřim and Břeclav. These projects alone will use up nearly CZK 100 million. The Kuřim project will be finished this autumn while the larger one in Břeclav will not be finished before August next year. Large amounts of money will also be invested in other railway stations, such as Sokolnice-Telnice or Nedvědice", says Mr. Tomáš Drmola, Deputy Director General of SŽDC for Property Management, and adds: "Most renovations will commence this autumn, so obviously only a part of the costs can be invested before the end of the year. Even so, the sum of CZK 115 million is a great achievement."

Since last autumn, a renovation of the station building in Kuřim has been going on, part of which is a new facade and replaced or renovated windows and doors. The roof will be repainted and furnished with new roofing features. The interior layout is also being redesigned. Floors, building insulation, wiring and heating are being renovated. At the same time, plans are being made for utilising the terminal for commercial purposes. The current lessee is interested in running a café, the necessary construction adjustments for which are already included in the ongoing reconstruction.

After a necessary update of the project documentation, works to complete the Břeclav building renovation started in February. The renovation will create a new area for the public in place of the original ticket offices, the newly built glass passageway will offer a better connection between platform 1B, the bus station and the station building itself. The newly erected building of a neighbouring bus terminal, making transfers between bus and train transport easier, has significantly affected the layout design of the railway station building. The project also allows for a restoration of the building facade to its former state of the late 19th century. Empty offices in the administrative part of the building are also being renovated. SŽDC wants to utilise these premises and therefore offers state administration or local self-government bodies and other institutions to use the available premises as workplace for their staff. This project will complete the overall renovation of the Břeclav railway junction.

In June, SŽDC will finish repairing roofs in Rousínov, Modřice and Skalice nad Svitavou, in the last one also facades. In Veselí nad Moravou, renovation of the public area will continue until summer. This year, a significant number of complex renovation projects will be designed for selected station buildings. If no complications occur during the works, the authorisation procedures and the public tendering, the station manager plans to commence the renovation this autumn. The station buildings concerned are primarily the ones in Sokolnice-Telnice, Moravské Bránice and Nedvědice. Another renovation in this year is planned for the Znojmo station building fixtures, followed by next year´s roof and facade repairs. These are only partial works as a complete reconstruction is not scheduled for at least another four years. Considering the size of the object, the total costs are estimated to exceed 90 million.

More large-scale investment projects will be designed this year. Some of the most prominent ones are reconstruction projects for the railway stations in Mikulov na Moravě, Hrušovany u Brna, Babice nad Svitavou and Doubravník. The works will not begin before 2019.

The largest planned investments in station buildings
in South Moravian Region in 2018 and 2019
Břeclav 70
Sokolnice-Telnice 32.5
Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou 24.7
Kuřim 20.5
Moravské Bránice 18
Nedvědice 12.7
Znojmo 12
Modřice 5.5
Skalice nad Svitavou 4.7
Rousínov 4.5
Veselí nad Moravou 4.5
Project preparation (launch expected in 2019, 2020) in MCZK
Mikulov na Moravě 25
Hrušovany u Brna 21.6
Ivanovice na Hané 18.7
Babice nad Svitavou 9.7
Brno-Slatina 9
Doubravník 7.4



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