Náchod Railway Station Is a Dignified Entrance Gate into the City


SŽDC has completed the first major reconstruction of the passenger building since taking over the railway station management last summer. The state organisation took over from České dráhy and finalised the last phase of repairs. At the end of summer holidays, the renovated Náchod railway station will start serving passengers while respecting the already completed bus terminal construction.

”I am pleased that we started to improve station buildings immediately after the transfer of railway stations back to the state. The Náchod reconstruction is the first big investment that we were able to implement after the transfer. We wish to continue with this trend. Already now, project activities for other passenger buildings in Hradec Králové, Jaroměř, Pardubicíe or Letohrad are under way, says Mr. Dan Ťok, Minister of Transport of the Czech Republic.

”Finalising the modernisation of Náchod railway station was a priority for SŽDC. Both the building roof and coating underwent reconstruction as well as the facade, the platform roofing and strengthened surface. Exchanging windows and doors was an integral part of the construction“, says Mr. Tomáš Drmola, Deputy Director General of SŽDC for Property Management and adds: ”SŽDC has spent almost 14 million Czech crowns for the construction completion; total costs of the railway station reconstruction together with financial resources spent by České dráhy amount to 34.5 million Czech crowns.“

The railway station at Náchod was built during the construction of the line connecting Choceň with Broumov. The station was opened on 25 July 1875 and the station building was finished in 1895. The first major reconstruction of the station took place at the beginning of the 20th century. More than a hundred years later, České dráhy as its owner at that time launched in 2012 a complete modernisation of the passenger building including a modification of its internal premises, an exchange of windows and doors, a reconstruction of all underground services and surface heating and modifications. The reconstruction had as an objective to improve comfort and services for passengers as well as energy savings.

The architectonic arrangement of the modernised building is based on its historical formation and it respects the completed bus terminal construction with roofed platforms and shelters at the same time. The ochre facade shade was chosen while taking into account the prevailing colour of buildings in the city, dating from the turn of the 19th and 20th century. The original form of the building including the roof has been preserved with use of dark-colour roof cladding reminding of slate. The most used ground floor part of the building is covered with assembled fiberglass panels. The construction preserved the windows’ format of the original building. On the contrary, the entrance glassed-in walls with sliding doors are quite new. Passengers can use the new station entrance on the south situated closer to the city. A passage with benches and other components making the local environment more pleasant leads from this entrance through the whole building up to the passenger building. From there, passengers can access lavatories and space designed for commercial purposes. The ticket hall remains in its original location; only cash desks were relocated to the northern part of the building.

The final phase of the Náchod railway station reconstruction started last October. The construction supplier was the company STRABAG Rail. Total costs of the railway station modernisation amounted to CZK 13.7 million.



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